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Case Study: Acushnet Holdings Company

Automated the distribution of documents generated by OpenText StreamServe into SAP Commerce cloud’s file system by creating a custom Java output connector



Industry: Manufacturing | Customer: Acushnet Holdings Company | Solutions: OpenText Exstream/StreamServe, OpenText Managed Support Services


In collaboration with a partner, Ecodocx helped Acushnet to distribute documents, generated by OpenText StreamServe to the SAP Commerce cloud’s file system based on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.



About Acushnet

The Acushnet Holdings Company is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of performance-driven golf equipment and clothing, which are widely recognized for their quality excellence. The company entered the golf ball business in 1932.

Acushnet is best known for its Titleist golf balls. It also produces clubs such as irons, drivers, putters (under the Scotty Cameron brand), other equipment, and apparel and accessories under the brands FootJoy and Pinnacle.

Driven by their industry experience, Acushnet focuses on serving dedicated and discerning golfers. Their products are sold in on-course golf pro shops, as well as in selected golf specialty and sporting goods retailers. Therefore, the company is recognized as one of the most authentic and enduring companies in the golf industry.

Acushnet was also widely known for its gold club and equipment brand called Cobra Golf, which was sold to PUMA back in 2010.

Since 2011, FILA, the international sporting goods producer, has become the majority stakeholder of Acushnet Holdings Company.

The Challenge

As a global market player, the Acushnet Holdings Company must constantly optimize its business processes in order to remain competitive and productive. The company is an OpenText StreamServe (now Exstream) customer for many years. It uses the CCM product to format, generate, and distribute statements and invoices using the data stream from its Infor M3 ERP system.

The customer wanted to change the destination of the documents that are generated by the StreamServe application. 

Instead of pushing the invoices and packing lists generated by OpenText StreamServe to the existing file share, the files should be sent to the SAP Commerce cloud’s file system, which is based on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

The team of Acushnet knew that they didn’t have the needed expertise in-house to develop the needed Java connectors and to ensure the correct connection between the systems. Therefore, the company decided to team up with a professional service provider in order to make this project a success.


Customer Testimonial


“By selecting OpenText Managed Support Services provided by Ecodocx, Acushnet has been able to achieve all of their objectives in a much more speedy manner. Enhancements that previously took months were delivered in days. The in-house team felt much more confident when deploying changes.

The company wanted to go with the option that would allow getting the most from the knowledge of the in-house team and the expertise of professional OpenText developers, and that was the scalable support offering from Ecodocx.”


Elliot Kim,

Project Manager, Ecodocx






The Solution

When Acushnet started looking for a suitable service provider, the team of Ecodocx was recommended to Acushnet by several service providers, that the company had experience collaborating with within other directions in the past.

Based on these recommendations, and because of Ecodocx’s strong expertise in delivering professional services and custom development services, Acushnet turned to the team of Ecodocx and asked to support them during this project.

Both teams set down and discussed project scope, requirements, and structure. Based on this information, Ecodocx’s experts came up with a solution.

The solution addresses the business’ need to use Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to leverage the Hybris Hotfolders to parse and load CSV extracts for packing lists and invoices.

Ecodocx proposed a straightforward option, where the Streamserve application would write PDF files directly to Azure Storage by leveraging a REST call.

One of Ecodocx’s experts developed a custom Java output connector using StreamServe E-business Integration Framework (EIF) Software Development Kit (SDK), so-called EIFSDK.

The connector was delivered in a way that allowed generating a BLOB attachment to every generated PDF. The new java Outconnector was configured and set up with its own output queue in Design Center.

In addition to the Azure Active Directory authorization method, Ecodocx developed an additional shared key authorization method in order to make the process more secure.



Results and Business Benefits

  • Upgraded, modernized and automated the process of distributing documents that are generated by the OpenText StreamServe application, in an efficient way
  • Created an integrated architecture across the systems
  • Strengthened overall system security



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