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OpenText Content Suite Platform

Manage the flow of information from capture through to archiving and disposition for enhanced Personal Productivity, Process Productivity, and Control.



What is OpenText Content Suite?


OpenText Content Suite Platform is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system designed to facilitate and manage the flow of enterprise information from creation or capture through archiving and disposition. Сontent Suite Platform, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, has the ability to create centralized, unified information, connecting information from across the enterprise with the people and systems that need it.

Content Suite Platform is the foundation for a broad range of OpenText products, including OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering, OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite, OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce, OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft SharePoint, and other OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings. Ecodocx provides a wide range of OpenText Content Suite services, including end-to-end implementation, upgrade, training, and support services.

OpenText Content Suite Support Livecycle:

OpenText Content Suite 21.1 is supported until February 2026. OpenText Content Suite 20.3 is supported until July 2025. OpenText Content Suite 20.2 is supported until March 2025. OpenText Content Suite 16.2 is supported until June 2024. OpenText Content Suite 16.0 is supported until March 2021. OpenText Content Suite 10.5 and elder versions are end of support. OpenText LiveLink is not supported anymore. For OpenText upgrade assistance, contact Ecodocx.



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OpenText Imaging Enterprise Scan: Capture and index from scanners, fax, email, and other applications

OpenText Imaging Enterprise Scan: Capture and index from scanners, fax, email, and other applications

Not all content managed via an ECM solution originates inside the organization, and there is a good chance this external content may not be electronic. Imaging Enterprise Scan enables management of the flow of inbound volumes of information and converts it so it is actionable and manageable as part of a complete digital content management strategy. Imaging is flexible enough for administrators and IT to deliver applications tailored to the needs of the business and easy enough for end-users to carry out day-to-day tasks.

As a comprehensive solution for a browser or client-based capture of inbound paper documents from scanners via ISIS or VRS, from fax via Microsoft® Exchange or IBM Notes, emails including attachments, and from external file systems. Tight integration between Content Suite and Imaging Enterprise Scan makes it possible to index, classify, and deliver documents and data from a range of sources, and more effectively drive critical business processes.


    OpenText Content Server: A Secure, Central Repository

    OpenText Content Server: A Secure, Central Repository


    Content Server forms the document management cornerstone of the Content Suite and provides secure, enterprise-wide control over any type of content — from contracts to engineering drawings, system reports, email messages, images, rich media, and much more. The Content Server functionality set includes: document management, content navigation, search, perspective manager, office editor, workflow, collaboration, content reporting and multi-document viewer tools.



    OpenText Enterprise Connect: Helps Users Interact with Content Suite Directly from Applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat

    OpenText Enterprise Connect: Helps Users Interact with Content Suite Directly from Applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat

    Enterprise Connect is an alternate desktop interface to the Content Suite Platform web UI that makes working with business content, applications, and processes easy for users. It integrates seamlessly with the productivity tools business users work in every day: Office applications, Windows Explorer, Acrobat, and more, as well as their email environments, including Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Professional, Microsoft Outlook, and IBM Notes. By enabling users to work directly from familiar productivity tools, Enterprise Connect removes the complexity of carrying out ECM-related tasks, improving adoption and business process efficiency, while supporting organizational policies for capturing, storing, and retaining business information. 


      OpenText Connected Workspaces: Aggregates Content, Data, People, and Tasks; Simplifying Creation of ECM-Enabled Business Applications

      OpenText Connected Workspaces: Aggregates Content, Data, People, and Tasks; Simplifying Creation of ECM-Enabled Business Applications


      Connected Workspaces can be related to each other within the ECM system or can be used to extend ECM to leading enterprise suites like SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, or Salesforce. By aggregating associated content, data, people, and tasks to a common business function such as a customer, a sales opportunity, a project, or even a community of people with common interests, organizations can develop integrated business solutions with minimal customization.

      Connected Workspaces provide the ability to use business relationships to connect unstructured content with the structured data from a leading application, further fostering user adoption through the integration. For example, Connected Workspaces can provide a single point of view to all information related to a specific customer deal — the proposal, email communications, demo presentations, a sales order, the contract, an invoice — and also provide instant access to other projects associated with that customer.




      OpenText Records Management

      OpenText Records Management:
      Comprehensive Management, Defensible Deletion, and Retention


      Records Management manages the complete lifecycle of all enterprise information from the time of capture to its eventual disposal. The solution can be accessed by business users in familiar interfaces, including SharePoint, SAP applications, OpenTextTM eDOCS, Exchange, Notes, file systems, and various database solutions.The solution manages the classifications and retention schedules for all types of electronic and physical content, applying records management metadata, classifications, dispositions, and more to content. Multiple record classifications and retention schedules can be applied to content through its metadata to meet unique retention and disposition needs.Various reviewer and approver options are available for the business process of destruction approval with the metadata captured in destruction audit logs for regulatory compliance. Record classifications are mapped to retention schedules to fully automate the process of ensuring records are kept as long as legally required, and assuredly destroyed at the end of their lifecycle. 
        OpenText Archive Center: Intelligent Archiving

        OpenText Archive Center: Intelligent Archiving

        Archive Center provides secure, scalable, and integrated archiving for the Content Suite Platform. Archive Center simplifies the capture of enterprise information and process-driven data to guarantee the preservation of content on the most cost-effective medium, yet ensures content is still easily available when needed. Redundant archiving options enable you to ensure content is stored safely in multiple physical locations while de-duplication for single instance archiving frees up costly storage. Archive Center adheres to Records Management best practices to drive retention and disposition, playing an integral part in an overall Information Governance strategy, ensuring compliance to policies and regulations is easily implemented. 

        Archive Center is available on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. OpenText offers several add-on connectors to expand the functionality of Archive Center to email, CMIS, and other file systems such as SAP.




        OpenText Directory Services

        OpenText Directory Services: Centralized User Management


        Directory Services enables enterprise and extranet applications to synchronize users and groups with a central directory service to provide single log-in access to multiple content repositories and business systems. Directory Services supports the Lightweight platforms within Content Suite. The REST API is designed for building EIM applications using only the popular HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript technologies. AppWorks apps run within the AppWorks clients for web browsers and mobile devices.Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or the NT LAN Manager (NTLM) protocol used by Windows® Active Directory®. Organizations can administer users and groups in a single directory and have Content Suite Platform synchronize information with the centrally maintained directory service.


        opentext tempo box solution

        OpenText Tempo Box: Secure File Sync and Share


        Tembo Box simplifies the content management experience, allowing users to easily sync, share and store information across all the devices they use, without sacrificing the records management rigor and security demanded by your organization’s internal policies and industry regulations.
        Tempo Box provides the ability to share content insight and outside the organization, on mobile devices, and to do that within a trusted ECM infrastructure. It provides secure collaboration, sharing, and synch for content with a compelling consumer experience. Tembo Box provides secure management with features such as the ability to do a remote wipe of a mobile device when a user leaves the organization, ensuring that content is not going with them.





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        OpenText Content Suite Services

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