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What we do

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We provide custom solutions based on a wide range of products 

Our approach helps different sized companies to improve their performance. We work hand-in-hand with our customers and implement customized information management solutions that not only meet but exceed business requirements. Our solutions are backed by 15+ years of experience and deep industry knowledge. Recognized by Fortune 200 leaders, our solutions enable you to create personalized, contextual, regulatory compliant documents across all channels from a centralized platform and manage the overall business information flow in a transparent, compliant and efficient way. 






Enterprise Content Management



OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions

Providing a 360-degree view of the enterprise, and a crucial link between unstructured content and business suite applications

OpenText Content Server (LiveLink)

Helping to manage information flows across an enterprise, including capturing, indexing, storing, retrieving, archiving and disposing of data.

OpenText Archive Center (Archive Server)

Helping to manage information flows across an enterprise, including capturing, indexing, storing, retrieving, archiving and disposing of data.


OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

Optimizing and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, routing and monitoring invoices and related documentation.

interface overview of opentext archiving and document access for sap solutions

OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions

Enabling the archiving, management, and retrieval of all business documents from within the SAP infrastructure.

OpenText Intelligent Capture (Captiva)

Transforming paper into actionable electronic information. Helping organizations to eliminate processing errors and achieve regulatory compliance.


SAP Invoice Tracking Center

Providing SAP AP Automation, installed and functioning in three to six weeks, at an easily justified cost.





Customer Communications Management 



opentext exstream service

OpenText Exstream (formerly StreamServe & HP Exstream Dialogue)

Enabling businesses to control the content, format, delivery channel, time and logic of each customer-facing document.

OpenText Exstream for Content Server

Optimizing and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, routing and monitoring invoices and related documentation.

OpenText StreamServe (now OpenText Exstream)

Creating invoices, statements, summary declarations, and other documents in compliance with relevant regulations.

OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions

Supporting the generation and multi-channel distribution of a large variety of printed or electronic documents directly from SAP applications.

OpenText Document Presentment for SAP hybris Commerce Suite

Integrating OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions into the SAP hybris Commerce Suite to create well-presented, formatted and customizable order confirmations, and store the order confirmations with the order in hybris.

SAP Document Presentment Live by OpenText

Providing an add-on on top of OpenText Document Presentment that enables integration into SAP systems for on-demand document generation.






Digital Process Automation



OpenText AppWorks Gateway

Enabling efficient, streamlined processes and low-code applications that can be quickly built, iterated and deployed.



Electronic Document Generation and Management



Document sap automation and distribution

Electronic Document Generation (EDG) Solutions powered by DocOrigin

Combines pre-generated document templates with smart business logic and data from different business applications in a workflow that meets customer-specific needs.

opentext bill design

Whitespace and Transpormo Marketing Solutions

Making the most out of the whitespace on everyday transaction documents, by turning billing and analytics data into more relevant and powerful customer communications.

On-demand Interactive Correspondence Solutions

Speeding up everyday document preparation steps by using pre-approved document templates with pre-defined editable fields. Create, preview and deliver highly professional documents on demand anytime and anywhere.

Process Control and Quality Management Solutions

Document review and approval, user access level control and document sorting for delivery optimization.

opentext professional services

Automated Replacement for JetForm/Adobe Central Solutions

Offering a simple and cost-effective migration path for JretForm and Adobe Central customers.

SAP Document Automation Solutions

Seamlessly integrates with SAP to provide an accurate, smart, secure and entirely transparent document and information distribution.

QAD Document Automation

Seamlessly integrates with QAD to provide automate document-related workflows, and to ensure an accurate, and regulatory compliant document and information distribution.

Oracle Document Automation

Seamlessly integrating with Oracle ERP, and manages business-critical requirements in a user-friendly, fast and economical way, regardless of whether the demands are for large volumes or personalized communications.

Mobile Data Capture for Field Service Management

Capture data with smart prefilled mobile forms, extract the required values, verify them if required and then forward the data to the respective backend systems. At the same time, the documents can be archived.



Provided Services


ecodocx provides opentext consulting services

OpenText Consulting Services
Planning an OpenText project but don’t have needed in-house expertise? Take advantage of Ecodocx’s OpenText Professional Services experts, with 20+ years of industry experience, to guide and execute digital transformation projects based on OpenTex and SAP products of all types and complexity.

ecodocx provides upgrade services

OpenText Upgrade Services
Running on an unsupported version of an OpenText product with some custom-developed modules? Speed up the upgrade of your unsupported legacy OpenText software and reduce risk by working with Ecodocx’s recognized team of experts. We can help you to maintain an optimal IT infrastructure that will support core business functions.

ecodocx provides opentext training services based on CCM and ECM solutions;

OpenText Training & Learning
Our team provides general and custom OpenText training sessions. We adjust our training to the unique requirements of your in-house teams. During our training sessions, we provide knowledge transfer and share best practices and useful tips and tricks. We also do OpenText crash courses for business and technical users and administrators.


opentext advisory services for SMB and Fortune 500 companies

OpenText Advisory Services
Need some advice on your existing or future OpenText products? Do you have a concern, or would simply like to hear the feedback from a professional service provider? We offer advisory sessions as a yearly subscription service or one-time service.

opentext managed support services

OpenText System Support
Having trouble to support existing OpenText systems? We provide custom and scalable M&S plans for all supported OpenText ECM and CCM products. Our customers benefit from ad hoc professional services, system monitoring and troubleshooting.

opentext consultant staffing augmentation

Cloud Migration
Move OpenText solutions to the cloud in a secure and speedy manner by working with Ecodocx’s recognized team of experts. We provide audit, advisory and professional services to help your company choose the right cloud option for your company.