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Customer Communications Management (CCM) Solutions for Print Service Providers

Deliver documents faster than ever before
by driving greater efficiency


In the age of global digitization, organizations are constantly facing the pressure to anticipate the needs of their customers immediately. In order to meet these constantly growing expectations, many different-sized companies rely on local managed print service providers to manage personalized, critical customer communications channels. Ecodocx is trusted partner to print service providers, offering reliable, fast and omnichannel print output management, storage, and document management workflow solutions, which help them to engage existing customers loyalty by delighting them with best services, perfect customer experience, and highly professional documents.



14 Hours/Week

On average, employees spend over 14 hours/week (35% of time) on routine activities, such as searching for information, preparing standard documents, dealing with mistakes, that could be spent on priority activities.


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Our solutions integrate seamlessly with all of your line of business applications. This includes existing mainframe legacy applications, making it easy to leverage your existing document templates and data to create highly standardized, personalized, relevant communications across all communication channels.



and thereby cut labor costs and drive productivity


It’s been said numerous times — time is money. Printshop providers are trying to make sure their customer’s urgent documents are delivered fast and on time. 

Our solutions allow automating regular manually intensive document generation, sorting, bundling, approval, sequencing, or distribution processes.


Do you print invoices for your customers?

We help you bring meaningful data on paper

Turn actionable insights, billing, and analytics data into more relevant and impactful communications. From what’s on the envelope to inside the envelope, you can now have more customized content that has been recognized by Fortune 200 leaders.


print service bill with targeted messages

Customers feel more connected to brands that provide personalized and tailored service. 

Our solutions allow service providers to combine existing transaction documents (bills, statements, quotes, special offers) with personalized interactive content based on different rules set by the company’s employees. This way the content, size, and shape of interactive and tailored messaging on transaction documents can be set based on customer type, transaction type, document type, etc. Documents can be generated and printed/sent or returned to the user immediately, or be sent to the approved section.

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