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Document Automation Solutions Help Insurance Providers

to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Insurance companies communicate with their existing customers mostly through contact centers and written texts, such as insurance applications, policies and claims. Many of these companies don’t realize that all the emails, faxes, letters, statements, reports and general customer correspondence are their strongest ‘calling cards’. These factors determine what your customers experience by using your service and whether they feel valued. Only a very few leading businesses manage their customer communications requirements in a way that lets them stand out positively from their competitors, while also driving greater efficiency.

Our document automation solutions can help you deliver a better customer experience by streamlining business-critical communications processes across your entire enterprise—as well as minimize compliance risks and reduce operating costs along the way.



14 Hours/Week

On average, employees spend over 14 hours/week (35% of time) on routine activities, such as searching for information, preparing standard documents, dealing with mistakes, that could be spent on priority activities.


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Consolidating all information sources and communications into one smart and user-friendly platform

Workflow solutions from Ecodocx make cooperation within companies easier and ensure that only approved documents leave the company and that all elements of the outgoing documents achieve brand integrity. If, for example, the legal department has released new insurance conditions, it must be ensured that these are automatically added to all new contracts from a certain key date.

Our customer correspondence solutions equally suit all common process models of document creation: interactivity, personalization, automated on-demand, and high volume document output, and offer the following benefits:

  • Centralizing communications to increase efficiency
  • Automate manual steps and eliminating operational silos
  • Ensure brand integrity
  • Move to next-gen communications
  • Integrate with legacy systems
  • Stay compliant to horizontal and vertical requirements



and deliver a personalized and highly-tailored service

Exceptional customer experience begins with exceptional data. Digital natives want, and expect, tailored communications, product offerings and messaging.

In today’s environment, insurers have all the needed customer insight information (from big data analytics) to be able to reach customers with messages that are clear, relevant and contextual, and thereby provide an opportunity to increase their knowledge, loyalty, and satisfaction concerning a company and its products.




A Step-by-Step Guide to

Omnichannel Customer Experience Management

“54% of consumers feel more loyal to brands that show a deep understanding of their preferences and priorities.” – Wunderman Technologies

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