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4 Facts about Dynamic Business Documents

Making your work day easier

Every week brings new projects, emails, documents, reports, and task lists. How much of that is completely different from the work you’ve done before? 

Many of our day-to-day tasks are variations on something we’ve done hundreds of times before. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you start something new. Instead, use a reliable solution that was tested by thousands of users for many years, to make your daily tasks easier and your time spent more efficient.


What is Dynamic Business Documents?

Dynamic Business Documents (DBD) is a powerful web-based document generation module of DocOrigin. It empowers authorized users from Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Legal departments to create, edit, omnichannel preview and deliver highly professional and interactive customer communication on an ad hoc/on-demand basis. This solution not only saves your brand integrity and opens new channels for customer engagement, but also saves time and up to 50% of document change costs.


1. There are just 4 easy steps!

Dynamic Business Documents allows you to design, personalize, preview and generate documents and forms with any ERP, CRM, EMR or other enterprise software in just 4 simple steps!

DBD allows document generation in 4 easy steps

2. It’s not just for Customer Service!

Sure, DBD is important in customer service so your team can create personalized communications specific to an exception that triggered the event. But other departments can use it too. Take HR for instance; HR receives all types of documents, employee applications, legal notices and many other forms. When your business software triggers an exception, that’s when DBD takes over. Your team can now review these exceptions and respond to them with specific, personalized information that is relevant to the individual or entity. DBD provides fields so your representative can manually type in the specifics related to the exception while ensuring that all legal and compliant business information or legal communications are included in the form or document. When exceptions occur in your business software, they will automatically appear in DBD as shown below:



3. Omni-channel presentation and delivery!

With DBD, there are so many options to update your documents presentation and delivery methods, and customers want it their way. DBD delivers information when and where your customers and employees want it. Millennials want it on their phone, Baby Boomers want it on their PC or Tablet and the Silent Generation want it printed and mailed to them….I want it sent to my portal and a notice with a link sent to my cell phone!


4. Positive and Simplified User Experience!

DBD empowers authorized employees from a single department or the whole enterprise to create personalized, highly professional business correspondence and other personalized documents spontaneously, on an as-needed basis. This is done in real-time, using pre-approved document templates and content, which keeps your communications consistent and compliant. Customer service and other departments can set up exceptions that will allow them to provide personalized messaging within an existing compliant document set. If someone places an exceptionally large order from your company, you can now send a personalized message or notification that they have earned extra points, a free widget, etc. –all without making modifications to your existing business software.


This article was prepared in cooperation with our partner Eclipse Corporation. Ecodocx became Eclipse Corporation’s original equipment manufacturing partner to better serve the needs of companies in customer communications, document generation, and output management. For more information please visit our Partner Page.

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