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[Video] A New Way to Remember: Automated Reminders in OpenText Content Suite

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to view, create, and use reminders for one user or groups to help keep track of items and their related tasks with the Automatic Reminder function in OpenText Content Suite.


Problem: Keeping Track of Items and Related Actions

Your company has many teams, departments and business units that interact throughout the entire business process, from the production of marketing assets and HR activities to legal and regulatory measures. By switching to digital processes and information flows, more can be achieved, but paper traces and physical memories on desks are also avoided.

Project managers and participants can be overwhelmed to follow the overall progress and the due dates of personal achievements. Email and personal memory are not effective project management tools!


Solution: Making Life Easier with Automated Reminders

Use the performance and reach of your OpenText ECM system by introducing the automated “Reminders” function in OpenText Content Suite. This is an important step in transforming your ECM platform from a storage repository to an integrated information backbone that connects people and enables teams to collaborate more effectively.



By using Reminders, you can transform your ECM system from a pure storage system into an optimized production tool that teams can work with more effectively. From the many powerful features in OpenText Connected Workspaces, Reminders helps teams ensure that tasks are performed and can be deleted from task lists. Memories help users:

  • Minimizing follow ups and feedback loops by marking elements for later tracking. Reminders can be set for a single, one-off instance, or used to create a series of notifications for activities such as annual contract reviews.
  • Setup once and never miss any important actions or items again. Reminders will automatically notify all assigned people or groups of task due dates and send those responsible both an email and a task that is displayed in their Content Suite Smart UI. These reminders can be set to arrive before the due date, so users can make tracking more proactive.
  • Creating a long-term reminder plan and optimizing overall business processes. Many business processes run in cycles of several months or even years. A long-term reminder can be set to ensure that both today’s and next deadlines are met. For example, when you set up a contract, reminders can be added to ensure that the terms and conditions are met in a timely manner, and the contract is reviewed before expiration, etc. Set a milestone reminder for months or years. The system automatically activates the reminder and sends the notification.
  • Improve team performance by creating tasks. For tracking purposes, when a reminder triggers a notification, the recipient can mark the assignment as in progress and display the work already started, or mark the assignment as complete.
  • Provide visibility and escalation for suitable roles in the event of a missed due date. For reminders that are not completed by the due date, there is an option to set an escalation assignment to generate further actions. A manager or other team member can be told that attention is required in a particular step.


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