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A View on OpenText Managed Support Subscriptions

Many companies invest millions into OpenText applications to establish complex enterprise software solutions and gain the information advantage. However, the real value of these solutions stays often untapped, because maintaining and customizing these applications is a time-consuming, complex, and expensive process, especially when OpenText solutions are integrated into other applications, such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and many more. Overall, OpenText applications, just like any enterprise solutions, require a lot of “care and feeding” to ensure they are working properly every day.

Businesses require these mission-critical applications to run well around the clock. As a result, many companies experience challenges successfully managing their OpenText solution environments. These challenges range from lack of internal IT staff availability to a lack of OpenText technical skills to shifting business requirements to geographical implications to increased business pressures.

To cope with these business demands and successfully maintain their OpenText environment, IT teams often team up with OpenText services partners who can support them. Ecodocx, as an OpenText and SAP service provider, specializes in providing OpenText managed support services. We help OpenText customers streamline their business processes, reduce their total cost of ownership, better scale up and down, and achieve their business goals. In this article, we are going to provide you with a view on OpenText Managed Support Subscriptions provided by Ecodocx.


What is OpenText Managed Support Subscription?

OpenText Managed Support is a pre-paid support subscription service provided by Ecodocx, where our company provides X hours of support services  per month, such as system monitoring, health checks, enhancements, advisory services, documentation, professional services, knowledge transfer, etc. The support is provided as part of a monthly or yearly subscription.

Our managed support services are a great way for Fortune 500 leaders as well as SMB companies to stay up to date on technology, have access to necessary skills and address a range of issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. With our managed services offering, Ecodocx customizes and administers the application for the customer and provides a consistent SLA for the service. 


85% of customers that subscribed to Ecodocx’s OpenText Managed Support feel much more comfortable applying changes to existing projects and applications. Our customers always have someone experienced to talk to and to get advice from. Custom knowledge transfer helps in-house employees to better do their daily job. About 90% of customers report performance enhancements, much healthier OpenText solutions environments, and overall much faster environment modernization. 


“With Ecodocx’s OpenText Managed Support, customers now have access to world-class support from a team of senior certified OpenText experts,” said Tien-Tien Lai, CEO at Ecodocx. “With the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic and all of OpenText’s recent product acquisitions, Ecodocx can provide peace of mind to both supported and legacy products through industry-leading support from experienced and certified technical analysts, architects and developers, that used to work for OpenText before joining Ecodocx. And the best thing is – Ecodocx can provide as much or as little support as needed. As a result, customers don’t overpay, but get the needed expertise in a timely manner.”



Who should subscribe to OpenText Managed Support?

In the last few years, OpenText managed support subscriptions have been requested by different types of companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, SMBs, long-term OpenText customers, greenfield OpenText customers, customers running unsupported releases of OpenText products, or companies whose knowledgeable experts have retired or left the company.

In the last couple of years, the need for sustainable OpenText support has been growing, especially in the last few months during the Coronavirus outbreak, when a lot of people got laid off, weren’t able to work due to medical conditions, or left the company. We’ve seen companies looking for support services, that had in-house OpenText maintenance teams, and therefore were just looking to outsource some missing expertise. We’ve also seen companies, who have no dedicated experts in their IT department, reaching out to us for OpenText managed support. And of course, we’ve been contacted by companies running legacy and unsupported versions of OpenText products, like LiveLink, StreamServe 4.x, or Exstream 8.x and others, and looking for help with enhancements, product bugs, support tickets, and functionality gaps.



We have in-house OpenText experts. Your support will replace us, right?

Actually, no. Our OpenText Managed Services team works closely with a company’s internal IT team and key users to take care of routine support activities, improvements and enhancements, and the overall health of the OpenText applications, solution environment.

Unlike classic managed support offerings, provided by most service providers on the market, that replace the in-house resources, our support models are created for those companies that are running OpenText solutions in on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments, have an in-house OpenText maintenance team, however, are missing some expertise, experience a need for best practices when it comes to exceptions handling, performance optimization, system scalability, product bug handling as well as functionality gaps. 


Do you support legacy OpenText product releases and custom-developed modules?

Yes, customers that are running a customized version of the OpenText software that is a few releases behind, can turn to Ecodocx for managed support. Ecodocx offers support options for customers with OpenText solution customizations that require continued code maintenance and support. These customers will benefit from a more cost-competitive solution for troubleshooting support.


What are the benefits of OpenText Managed Support?

With Ecodocx’s OpenText support offering, customers, regardless if they have a valid OpenText product M&S license, or if they run a legacy OpenText product version, benefit from defined service-level targets, 24/7 support ticket resolution, timely and regular enhancements, customization support, advisory services, and an opportunity to dramatically lower support costs.

Ecodocx has dedicated teams in the United States and Europe that provide OpenText customers with world-class support, and offer a compelling transition to Information Management and the Cloud. Ecodocx’s Support offerings for OpenText offerings are immediately available for OpenText users.

The Ecodocx Managed Support Models for OpenText programs provide annual renewable support with troubleshooting and regular patch updates to address identified issues. For users with unique situations and timelines, we also offer support services such as custom bug fixes and customization support scoped to each request.



Can my company afford this?

Yes, Ecodocx offers cost-competitive and scalable support service plans for Enterprise Content Management and Customer Communications Management products, that can be adjusted to each companies budget as well as specific business and strategic needs. Due to our transparent payment policy, support becomes much more transparent from a budget planning perspective, operating expenses (OPEX) become predictable and known, major capital expenses (CAPEX) are reduced. Customers can benefit from different support models (Basic, Premium, and Enterprise) starting from 40 hours per month, or switch to Premium and Custom Support and meet their specific needs.


For more information on these new offerings, or to schedule time to speak with an Ecodocx expert, visit our OpenText Managed Support Services page



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