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Ecodocx Expands it's OpenText Services
Operations to South Africa


Ecodocx LLC, a leading OpenText and SAP services provider, expands its operations into Johannesburg, South Africa. The company teamed up with Don Orazulume, a former OpenText Solutions expert from OpenText South Africa. Don Orazulume will be leading Ecodocx’s OpenText services delivery in South Africa.

“The expansion to South Africa was instigated mainly by the demand for high-quality OpenText and SAP expertise, as well as ECM and CCM professional services. After several years of experience in this space, we realized how important it is to be close to customers and to provide them with a complete range of services. And since we’ve got a massive amount of requests from OpenText customers in Africa, we made the move to expand our presence and be closer to our new customers. Now we will be able to provide OpenText support, development, upgrade, training, and cloud migration services to companies in Africa,” said Oleksandr Matrichyn, co-founder of Ecodocx.

We’ve known Don Orazulume for a very long time. In fact, our history goes back to the times when we both worked for StreamServe (now owned by OpenText Corporation). Therefore, when we started to evaluate our options we very quickly understood that Don Orazulume with his over 10 years of experience in the OpenText solutions industry would be the perfect person to choose for this role.

“This is a very exciting time for us. The closeness and presence of our professionals will create new opportunities for cooperation with many dynamically-developing companies in the African region. There is such a big demand for OpenText and SAP professional services in Africa. With this expansion, we will be able to efficiently and comprehensively respond to any client requests from existing and new OpenText/SAP customers,” commented Don Orazulume, Head of Delivery at Ecodocx in South Africa.

“Within all these years of our existence, we have tried to help our customers make the most of their strategic investments into OpenText and SAP solutions, improve document and content management, optimize customer experience management, increase customer engagement by streamlining their multichannel communication. We have assisted several companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, like Sysco, AmerisourceBergen, McKesson, New York Life Insurance, Ecolab, and many more. I believe we will successfully continue this work in African as well,” added Tien-Tien Lai, CEO at Ecodocx LLC.



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