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Ecodocx Secures GSA Contract to Drive Digital Transformation for Federal Government

Ecodocx LLC, a prominent software development and consulting company, that focuses on providing OpenText Customer Experience Management (CEM, CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, particularly in collaboration with SAP, has reached a pivotal milestone by securing Contract No. 47QTCA22D0023 under the GSA Schedule. This achievement reinforces the company’s dedication to enhancing government services through technology-driven solutions. Federal government agencies can take advantage of favorable pricing, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and pre-negotiated contracts, saving time and administrative effort.


What is GSA Schedule?

The GSA Schedule, alternatively referred to as the Federal Supply Schedule or Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), represents a comprehensive, enduring government contract established with commercial enterprises. This agreement grants government agencies access to a vast array of commercial products and services at equitable and reasonable rates. The MAS system streamlines procurement by leveraging contemporary technology to facilitate seamless connections between government purchasers and industry providers.

The GSA Schedule is primarily designed to facilitate federal government procurement. Therefore, the primary buyers from the GSA Schedule are federal government agencies and entities. This includes various federal departments, agencies, and organizations, such as:

  • Civilian Agencies: Examples include the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Education (ED), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Department of Defense (DoD): This includes various branches of the military, like the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).
  • State and Local Government Agencies: Some state and local government entities can also access GSA Schedule contracts through cooperative purchasing agreements, but this varies by state and region.
  • Tribal Governments: In some cases, tribal governments may be eligible to purchase from the GSA Schedule.
  • Certain Nonprofit Organizations: Some nonprofit organizations that provide services to the government may also be able to use the GSA Schedule, but this is typically limited to specific circumstances and requires special approval.


Unveiling the Contract’s Details

Ecodocx LLC’s success in being awarded a Contract through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) demonstrates the company’s commitment to driving innovation within federal, state and local agencies. The Contract covers primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes including 541511 and 611420, further underlining the company’s expertise in software development, consulting, and related services.

This contract equips Ecodocx LLC to provide a range of OpenText customer communication management, enterprise content management, archiving, and records management solutions. The services, including:

The offering is designed to help public sector buyers to enhance digital communications, document management, and records management and transform organizational processes.


Benefits of working with Ecodocx through the GSA Schedule

Using a GSA Schedule offers numerous benefits to federal agencies, ranging from cost savings to regulatory compliance. Here are some key advantages from the standpoint of federal agencies:

  • Price Assurance: One of the primary benefits of utilizing a GSA Schedule is the assurance of fair and reasonable pricing. Before awarding a GSA Schedule contract, GSA contracting officers rigorously assess and determine that the prices for supplies and services are competitive and align with market rates. This ensures that federal agencies are not overpaying for the products and services they require. Additionally, GSA compares the offered prices to what the company provides to its commercial customers, known as “most favored customer” pricing, ensuring that the government receives favorable pricing.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Federal agencies often face stringent regulations and requirements when procuring goods and services. GSA helps streamline this process by negotiating and establishing standardized terms and conditions for commercial items. These terms and conditions are tailored to meet the needs of both the government and contractors, providing a solid regulatory framework that simplifies the acquisition process. This simplification saves agencies time and resources while ensuring compliance with federal procurement regulations.
  • Contractor Accountability: GSA evaluates potential contractors to ensure they are responsible and capable of delivering on their commitments. This evaluation includes assessing the contractor’s financial stability, ability to meet delivery/performance requirements, past performance, integrity, and adherence to business ethics. By vetting contractors in this manner, GSA helps federal agencies select reliable and qualified partners, reducing the risk of project delays or disruptions.
  • Quality Assurance: GSA Schedule contracts include quality control measures to maintain consistent standards. Federal agencies can rely on these measures to ensure that the products and services they receive meet specified quality criteria. This reduces the likelihood of receiving subpar goods or services, enhancing overall project outcomes and the value delivered to taxpayers.
  • Efficient Procurement: GSA Schedules offer federal agencies a streamlined procurement process. Instead of going through lengthy and complex acquisition procedures, agencies can use pre-negotiated contracts, saving time and administrative effort. This efficiency is particularly valuable when agencies need to respond quickly to changing requirements or emergencies.


Fostering Federal Change

Ecodocx’s commitment to driving impactful change extends to federal agencies and organizations. With a belief in effective government and a commitment to realizing its potential for societal welfare, the company partners with federal entities to offer agile, people-centric solutions to complex organizational challenges. Through powerful data-driven customer experiences, Ecodocx collaborates with stakeholders to provide digital and communications solutions to real-world problems.

Recognizing the transformative power of technology and digital communications, Ecodocx’s services revolve around meaningful dialogue, understanding user needs, and institutional goals. The company then crafts customer-centric solutions to even the most intricate challenges, ensuring communities and organizations thrive in the digital age.



Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Ecodocx operates globally, with an additional presence in Europe through two delivery centers. Renowned for its software development and consulting prowess, the company is a trusted and leading OpenText and SAP service provider. With a keen focus on Customer Experience Management (CEM, CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), particularly in collaboration with SAP, Ecodocx serves a diverse array of industries, spanning utilities, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharma, finance, energy, and telecommunications.

Federal government agencies seeking Ecodocx’s expertise can engage through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract vehicle. Tailored to streamline procurement processes, this vehicle offers a comprehensive range of services. These services encompass OpenText advisory, health check, end-to-end implementation, support and training services, and an array of professional support products and services. This contract vehicle is adaptable for all contract types, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration.

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