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Ecodocx’s Team Provides Irreplaceable OpenText Expertise during COVID-19 Pandemic


Over the past few months, COVID-19 has spread to all countries, infecting people around the globe, causing a major impact on society, economy, business, and all industry sectors. 

Our team has been working tightly with existing and a huge number of new customers to minimize the impact of the epidemic on their business, performance results and, most importantly, on employees. Today we would like to share some of the things we’ve been doing in the past few weeks. We hope you find it informative and helpful. If your company is heavily relying on OpenText and SAP solutions, and you are experiencing similar or other specific challenges due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, take advantage of our free advisory initiative, and talk to an expert.


International Hygiene Technologies Provider: OpenText Print Load Optimization


We all know how important hygiene is, especially these days. Let’s be honest, nowadays, almost no one leaves the house without a hand sanitizer in their car, pocket, or handbag. And this is just the average normal person, but what about the healthcare sector? They couldn’t start the day without disinfection products and equipment. So when an international hygiene technologies provider, which services the food, healthcare, hospitality, and industrial markets, experienced an almost 200% increase in their production demand and started to struggle with unexpected system slowdowns at the same time, they reached out to Ecodocx for help. These issues not only caused production delays, and related fines, but also held the company back from making more sales in a faster matter of time. Not only did our team help to resolve the print load balancing issue, but also provided advisory sessions on how to scale their environment and make the most of the company’s investments in OpenText and SAP products.


Food Supplier & Distributor: OpenText Application Scalability 


Another great example is this story. As you probably have already heard, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a hunger crisis and grocery demand like never seen before. So when a food supplier & distribution company, turned to our team, and asked for assistance in order to adapt their internal document generation and management processes to the unexpected rising demand, related to managing document-related processes, we prioritized this request in our project pipeline. We not only reacted immediately, but also worked on weekends and overtime. The OpenText print job and output management enhancement helped reduce 65% of document processing time across several business divisions locations.


Local Utility: Complex OpenText Applications Upgrade to 16.x


And the last project that we would like to share with you is a major OpenText upgrade project for a local Utility in the United States. The company has been planning to upgrade their SAP Document Presentment, implemented Exstream Empower, as well as Archiving and Document Access by OpenText solutions to version 16.x. The company quickly understood they would need assistance from a service provider. The utility hired a big-name service provider for that job. The initial upgrade project was planned to be 100% on-site, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone was moved to work from home. As a result, extra complexity was added to the project management in general. After all, it’s hard to manage your own team while being distributed, it’s even harder to manage people form a third-party service provider, when they work remotely.

Also, due to the complexity of the existing infrastructure, the number of changes in release 16, especially in the Document Presentment and Document Presentment Live products, the customer quickly understood that the hired service provider wouldn’t be able to deliver the needed project in time to meet their internal go-live date and the listed business requirements. Ecodocx was invited to take the lead and provide the missing expertise. After a speedy business analysis, requirements gathering, and strategic project planning, Ecodocx’s team quickly started working on the project, and delivering the project piece by piece. Even though some time was lost due to the fact that Ecodocx wasn’t hired at the very beginning of the initial project planning stage, because of the good project organization and strong expertise in release 16, both teams managed to get back on track in a fast manner of time. As of now, our team actually continues working on this project. And we are very positive to deliver a successful upgrade to OpenText release 16, and meet the go-live date in early fall. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Looking for OpenText Advice or Assistance?


If you are struggling with similar issues, or need advice from an experienced OpenText/SAP partner, feel free to schedule a free of charge advisory session with us. Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, our team of developers and support engineers have been working with OpenText solutions and modules for many years. Having delivered 600+ projects, we worked out a secure and comprehensive way to help organizations implement and customize OpenText products. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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