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Giving a Glimpse at OpenText Exstream 20.2 and Cloud Edition (CE)


Back in March 2020, we attended an internal webinar hosted by OpenText for partners about the future of OpenText Exstream. And on April 8th, we attended the OpenText Enterprise World Digital conferenceDuring both events, we gathered some information about OpenText Exstream 20.2  and CE. Let us give you a short overview of the most important topics, as well as the news around the future releases.


What’s new in OpenText Exstream 20.2 and release CE?


So, as you might already know, OpenText is transitioning from release 16.x to release 20.x and release Cloud Edition (CE). OpenText Exstream will be available in on-prem, as well as cloud versions (CE). Customers that have previously purchased a perpetual license will have 4 options:  continue using Exstream on-prem, move to OpenText Cloud (migrate to release CE), or move on-prem to private cloud, or run a hybrid model. In addition, customers will be able to enhance their Exstream application with features provided by OT2 platform.


new out- of the box integrations


In Exstream release CE, OpenText containerized the software to Docker containers. These will be managed using Kubernetes container orchestration solution. This approach will make it much easier to upgrade. The new Cloud Edition will be offered on a SaaS model. This means, OpenText is going to take care of the application maintenance and quarterly upgrade process, as part of their managed services.

However, should your company not be ready to move to Cloud Edition, but still look for ways to reduce the cost of software ownership by taking advantage of OpenText managed support services, they will be able to do so with any type of application deployments, such as on-prem, private cloud or hybrid. Learn more here.

The first release of CE will be limited in scope, but it will still be a game-changer. Customers will very quickly be able to deploy market-leading Enterprise CCM for design and composition centric use cases. In addition, users will enjoy web-based form design and leverage the benefits using a cloud-based solution on a subscription model.


Event more Integration Options for Omnichannel CX


OpenText Exstream offers an even bigger number of out-of-the-box integrations into leading business applications. OpenText is in the process of transitioning CCM into a complete omnichannel experience offering.

With the new release, Exstream 20.2 and CE will continue bringing insight and action to Enterprises to control and connect any experience content and deliver across all touchpoints through microservice architecture.



OpenText Exstream 16.x, 20.x, CE Release Roadmap


With all of the major changes and updates in Cloud Edition, OpenText does understand that the majority of customers will stay on version 16.6 for quite some time. Therefore, the company has recently delivered a patch of new features and enhancements for release 16.x. However, there is also a lot of functionality that is going to be available only when upgrading to 20.x or release Cloud Edition.



Have you attended OpenText Enterprise World Digital?


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