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Guide: How to Get OpenText Solutions SAP S/4HANA Ready (in 2023)


SAP S/4HANA is the biggest platform upgrade in the SAP world since the introduction of R/3 in the 1990s. Preparing an enterprise for this large-scale transformation is not an easy process. 

From the moment you decide to move to S/4HANA to the moment you go live, there are a number of critical tasks that need to be completed to ensure a smooth transition of data and business processes. If your company is using OpenText solutions that are integrated into SAP, such as Extended ECM, Document Presentment, Content Suite, Archive Center, Vendor Invoice Management, Digital Asset Management, or others, you need to make sure to get them S/4HANA ready by following best practices, in order to avoid unsupported product combinations, performance slowdowns, and connectivity issues.

But what is SAP S/4HANA? And how can you ensure you prepare your OpenText solutions correctly and effectively for the big transition? 

Guide Content Summary

We at Ecodocx prepared a guide that is based on our experience helping other customers move from ECC to S/4 and provides essential information on preparing OpenText solutions for the migration to SAP S/4HANA, the latest ERP software developed by SAP. It explains the three approaches available for migration: greenfield, hybrid, and brownfield, along with their advantages and considerations. The guide emphasizes the importance of understanding the current OpenText solution landscape and assessing its compatibility with S/4HANA. It also highlights the significance of performing a health check, optimizing document-based areas, and carefully planning the upgrade process. The guide emphasizes the need for thorough testing, data migration, and communication with stakeholders. It concludes by emphasizing the complexity of OpenText solutions and the benefits of working with a trusted certified service provider to ensure a successful transition to S/4HANA.

Need Help Getting OpenText Solutions SAP S/4HANA Ready?

Get in touch with us. The team of Ecodocx is focusing on providing OpenText services for almost two decades. We have a proven track record of helping organizations of all shapes and sizes successfully upgrade and transform their OpenText solution landscape, especially with SAP. Check out our customer success storiesTalk to an expert.




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