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Oklahoma Oil and Gas company improves efficiency and productivity with Ecodocx

Managing oil-related operations depends on information millions of documents that anyone can access quickly and easily at any time. But without a properly organized system environment, finding the right information proved difficult, such as finding a natural gas deposit.


Tien-Tien Lai, Senior Solution Architect at Ecodocx, explains the challenges that experienced Oklahoma Oil and Gas сompany before the company turned to her team for help:

The customer had many document-related issues. For example, they needed to create and send out monthly financial reports to their investors. In order to do this, they had to collect up-to-date information from thousands of oil and gas wells, analyze the received data, calculate current investment status, create personal reports for each of the investors, and make sure each recipient received the right information on time.  Additionally, a copy of each report needed to be stored in a neat and organized format. This would allow for the information to be retrieved and processed in a speedy and easily accessible manner if ever needed in the future. The employees only had a small time slot for this task, so it was a great challenge every month“.


On one hand, without having a professional solution for report generation, the employees needed to manually perform all of their working steps. This not only meant long reporting cycles, but also brought the risk of human errors, and more important tasks, like strategizing and planning, were getting sidelined. On the other hand, without a formal document management platform, employees stored documents chaotically in multiple locations, even though a shared drive served as the main repository for the documentation.


Previously, some users manually deleted, moved, or edited parts of the reports.  When other users searched for that documentation, it became an extremely problematic task, “says Tien-Tien.


With millions of documents and hundreds of business users managing content in different departments and in separate information silos, finding accurate and up-to-date content when and where it was needed became an everyday challenge. Quick and easy access to critical content prevented the effectiveness and efficiency of employees. It was clear that the company highly needed to centralize all of their document-related business processes.

There was no time to waste and Oklahoma Oil and Gas company took the first steps and asked Ecodocx to help them improve their business processes and streamline performance.

To help tackle this company’s problems, Ecodocx implemented custom solutions based on OpenText Customer Communications Management (SAP Document Presentment by OpenText) and  OpenText Enterprise Content Management (Extended ECM for SAP), that met the company’s everyday needs.

As a result, by using SAP Document Presentment by OpenText, the company automated manual processes, like data collecting from multiple sources and generating individual and real-time changeable reports, while maintaining central control of branding and corporate identity, to save time and money. The solution creates a bridge between multiple business systems that generate data within the company on each of the almost thousand oil and gas wells.


With these new solutions, the company saw production rates increase:

Oil and natural Gas company upgraded SAP Document Presentment (StreamServe) and Extended ECM by OpenText


OpenText Extended ECM for SAP allowed the company to tightly link generated business documents with SAP, and to bridge the gap between structured and unstructured content, which has been managed mostly in different applications or IT systems.

The company achieved end-to-end business value, automated everyday processes, improved business performance and reached significant and measurable time and cost savings. Business content is managed (e.g. captured, managed, stored, preserved and delivered) by the right user, at the right time, and processed throughout the entire company by meeting horizontal and vertical requirements.

By implementing top of the line solutions, Ecodocx may help you improve more processes than your company initially discovered. If your company is planning to optimize document-related business processes by speeding up production processes, enhancing security and regulatory compliance, decrease print management costs and reduce downtime, feel free to contact our team of experts for a free consultation. We’ll be more than happy to help.


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