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Online Event: Women in Technology CCM User Community


As a woman-owned company, we are proud to invite our female friends and blog subscribers to join the first OpenText Women in Technology community event on May 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm ET.


During this event the founder and creator of the Women in Technology CCM User Community, Nidhi Ramakant of MedPro Group, will host the first lunch and learn session and discuss the following topics:


  • How to create a design template
  • The multiple design approaches and the pro’s and con’s associated with each approach
  • Hands-on lab experience
  • How to run your first  OpenText Exstream application


The Women in Technology Customer Communication Management User Community is comprised of a dynamic group of women who are engaged in designing, developing and rendering OpenText Exstream communications and end-users from a broad range of global organizations implementing OpenText CCM solutions to help manage their multichannel customer documents and communications. This is an exclusive opportunity to be an integral part of a community of women to empower and learn from one another. This will serve as a platform for networking, troubleshooting and learning.


Do you feel like joining this great initiative? Please register here:


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