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OpenText and MS Office Integration

This is an updated version of an article that was originally posted in March 2018.

Today’s users’ expectations are set very high. Users are much more knowledgeable and require tools to easily collaborate and access needed information anytime and anywhere, regardless of where they are or the software at their disposal. Starting from version 16, Content Suite or Extended ECM customers can benefit from OpenText and MS Office integration functionality, including secure web editing and co-authoring capabilities of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). All that is required is a connection to Content Server 16.2 and a Microsoft Office 365 license. The Microsoft Office co-authoring functionality can be adjusted and provided as an add-on for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.


OpenText and MS Office integration benefits


Effortless and seamless editing

The Office Online document editing technology uses web application versions of Office for effortless collaboration. Web editing allows users to edit a document using only browser-based technology, without installing classic Microsoft Office desktop applications, ActiveX controls, or browser extensions.


  Microsoft office word online editing with opentext content suite; Microsoft word online collaboration with OpenText document version compliance when co-authoring documents with office online and opentext content suite


Secure collaboration

The integration of Content Suite and Microsoft Office Online makes user collaboration safe, transparent, and easy. Users simply select the Office document they want to work on and choose Edit in Word Online. Once the selected document is launched, users can instantly collaborate with multiple people to create or edit and view real-time updates from the various users who may be working on the document. This is how it works:



Automatically saved changes 

Once the user is done with document editing, he/she can simply close the browser. Due to the seamless integration with OpenText Content Suite, all document changes are automatically saved back to OpenText Content Server, document versions are updated, a transparent audit trail is provided.


Integration options (on-premises, hybrid, and cloud)


Companies running Content Server in an on-premises environment can integrate with Office Online Server, a complete on-premises solution for customers with high-security requirements. This integration option makes sure that documents do not leave the customer’s premises and are not cached on Microsoft Servers. For this integration option, customers must have upgraded to Content Server 16.2.8 or higher. 

The Microsoft Office Online Server is a downloaded and installed software that provides document web editing and co-authoring capabilities. Integrating with the Office Online Server requires: 

  • Downloading and installing Office Online Broker from OpenText
  • Downloading the Office Online Server from Microsoft


Companies running Content Server in a hybrid or cloud environment can integrate with Microsoft Office Online Service. The Office Online Service is a cloud service hosted by Microsoft that offers document web editing and co-authoring functionality. Any user using this service must have a valid Office 365 subscription level that supports access to Office Online. Integration with this service requires:

  • Deploying OpenText Office Online Broker in the OpenText Cloud.
  • Connecting OpenText Office Online Broker with OpenText Content Server and the Microsoft Office Online Service or the Microsoft Office Online Server.


MS Office and OpenText integration assistance

For more information about MS Office Online and Content Suite integration options, feel free to schedule a free of charge advisory session with us. Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, our team of developers and support engineers have been working with OpenText solutions and modules for many years. Having worked in this industry for more than two decades and delivered 600+ projects, we worked out a secure and comprehensive way to help organizations implement and customize OpenText products


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