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OpenText AppWorks: Improved Usability and Tight Integration


In today’s competitive environment, it is essential for any company to offer dynamic digital experiences. It’s easy to say, but it’s not easy to do. Companies face content silos, separate processes and a lack of transparency and insight. You also need agility to quickly adapt to unexpected opportunities, competitive pressures, and new insights.

These business challenges won’t go away, but efficient, streamlined processes and low-code applications that can be quickly built, iterated, and deployed can help you adapt to them. This is where OpenText AppWorks comes in – and the features of Release 16, Enhancement Pack 6 (EP6).


The highlights are:

  • A simplified view for inexperienced developers with advanced configurations that are available on demand when needed
  • An optimized experience with fewer clicks to complete tasks and accelerate development
  • Intuitive use of building blocks that are available within entities for a simplified view, that are also grouped by functions and that can be collapsed for a targeted display
  • Improved search and copy capabilities for faster starts to expand or create new applications
  • Users can quickly search for and copy forms, lists, layouts, etc.
  • The embedded help provides instant contextual guidance that developers can use to create the right things the first time.


OpenText AppWorks newly redesigned developer workspace provides easier and faster navigation
OpenText AppWorks newly redesigned developer workspace provides easier and faster navigation


The dialog for adding relations to entities is a good example of how this release provides more guidance. The right side of the dialog describes the different types of relationships so that the person developing the application can choose the appropriate option.


OpenText AppWorks: Adding relations to entities
OpenText AppWorks: Adding relations to entities


Building applications right from the start has never been easier with simplified views and built-in help for novice developers. This release also includes an entirely new AppWorks User Experience written using the “mobile-first” policy. It offers a great tablet experience and makes it easy to configure applications to be easy for employees, partners, and customers to use.


Other highlights are:

  • Rendering and performance improvements
  • Rich media support, including images, tables, and another formatting
  • Right-to-left language support, simplified configuration


If your company is looking for new ways to increase efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, AppWorks can help. With a low-code approach, AppWorks helps your team gain speed and flexibility, optimize processes with intelligent automation, and connect valuable business information – no matter where it is, and this way it helps to deliver results faster and more efficiently.


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