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OpenText Captiva is now Intelligent Capture

Make Sure to Upgrade to Version 16.6 till December 2020 to Stay on the Latest Supported Version.


Upgrade to Version 16.6 till December 2020 to Stay on the Latest Supported Version

We assume you already heard that OpenText rebranded Captiva. Now the product offering is called OpenText Intelligent Capture. Considering the large presence of the product worldwide, this is pretty big news.

But it’s not only a new fancy product name. On one hand, OpenText Intelligent Capture in the next generation OCR for Vendor invoice Management. It successfully combined all necessary document capture-related features into a unified solution. On the other hand, with all of OpenText’s energy focused on one capture product, Intelligent Capture will set the pace for capture software on the market.

Let’s be honest, nowadays, customers are demanding more and more usability from their capture software. You need real-time interactions with customers – interactions that are made possible by extending the acquisition beyond the back office scanning environment. OpenText Intelligent Capture initiates processes by extracting data and sending it to leading systems to provide users with real-time information.



Some of the Biggest Updates of OpenText Intelligent Capture include:

  • Exporting processes one by one or in batch to a zip file with new expert modules;
  • Instead of preventing all server-originated messages from being displayed on the client machine, new convenient Client modules allow users to define which server-originated messages are being displayed on client machines. 
  • Deployment in any environment through its own APIs, SDKs, and workflow that allow customers to connect content directly to any lead App as well as through integrations to all of our Content Services Platforms with additional direct integrations to AppWorks planned.
  • Multiple classification methods for smarter document classification
  • Embedded machine learning allows you to teach the system to see documents how you see them.
  • Fully automate the digitalization of any incoming SAP-related documents (in Intelligent Capture for SAP package).
  • Using the Single-Click Entry feature, you can now automatically populate the current field with data from the image with a single click on or drag over the data (for example, amounts, dates, and entire words as well as individual characters). In addition, the following visual aids are provided:
    • When the current field is empty, all numeric and date data that is valid for the field is highlighted.
    • When you position the pointer over the data on the image, a tooltip (including the field name, data to be copied, and validation error (if applicable)) is displayed.
  • NuanceOCR now supports the following additional PDF/A version compatibility for both input and output: PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b, PDF/A-3u.
  • Standard OCR now supports the following additional PDF/A version compatibility for both input and output: PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2u.
  • During the Completion setup, you can enable or disable the ability to resize the height of the message bar. If resizing is disabled, then the message bar height is automatically adjusted to fit the content.
  • In Captiva REST Services and Captiva Capture Web Client, you can now enable or disable the encryption of user session files, that is, scanned pages and imported images uploaded and downloaded by users.


Contact us for Free OpenText Intelligent Capture Consultation

Our team of developers and support engineers have been working with Captiva for many years. We don’t just support the product. We cooperate tightly with OpenText to make it better with each version. And we help OpenText to support existing and new customers. Our experts use OpenText Intelligent Capture (Captiva) everyday to capture millions of documents for clients. We would love to work with you to see if Intelligent Capture is a good fit for your company. Request your free consultation today!



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