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SAP Extended Enterprise Document Management

Businesses have approached Ecodocx for consulting and development since 2009. By implementing appropriate Customer Communications Management (CCM), and Enterprise Content Management for our clients, we help take their efficiency to levels that they didn’t even know were possible. One of the biggest areas in which we improve for clients is SAP. In order to experience optimal SAP results, your business needs to select the right software or enhance its existing software. Our consulting services include systems management and administration as well as SAP development and support. We also help with SAP business intelligence, SAP business planning, and the implementation of OpenText products. Today, we would like to discuss our SAP Extended ECM.


What Is SAP Extended ECM?

By optimizing the integration of your SAP landscape, we offer a complete enterprise content management system. It’s important for your business to manage the lifecycle of all your unstructured content. SAP Extended ECM provides a connection between unstructured content and business suite applications, enabling you to increase the value of your content.


Benefits of using SAP xECM Solutions

Simplifies IT Landscape

Our system provides a link from the content on the ECM platform to SAP enterprise applications. By linking these two areas together, you no longer need additional repositories, which simplifies your IT infrastructure.


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Operational Benefits

Would you like to improve the management of the volume of your information and remove incorrect or outdated information in your production system? Our ECM platform helps manage content by streamlining collaboration, archiving or destroying content, and controlling document versions.


Easy Access To Content Across The Enterprise

By offering users with correct access rights 360 degree visibility into transaction-related content, the ECM platform offers user-friendly access across the enterprise. All transactional metadata is linked with each individual piece of managed content. This link provides users the information needed to determine which business process connects to the content within the platform. Areas such as quotes, contracts, photos, and work orders can be easily connected to the right business process.


Collaboration Across Organizational Silos

Collaboration across organizational silos is created through the shared workspaces, discussions, projects, tasks, notifications, and forums.


Reduces Legal Risk

Record management functionality is easily set up through our ECM solution, which helps businesses retain relevant legal documents for the required amount of time. Therefore, your business follows regulatory compliance standards, which lowers legal risk.

Each industry has unique needs for the integration of unstructured content into their infrastructure. No matter what type of business you may run, Ecodocx can help make the integration of both structured and unstructured content into your enterprise application as seamless as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about our SAP Extended ECM or other Enterprise Document Management solutions, please subscribe to our Ecodocx Business Blog, or contact Ecodocx today. We can help your business work more efficiently so that your organization continues to grow in a positive direction. Ecodocx uses our vast experience to provide customized solutions for our clients. Not only do we optimize your enterprise SAP, but we also boost your OpenText customer communications and content management as well.

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