. [Whitepaper] Upgrade from HP Exstream Dialogue to OpenText Exstream 16

[Whitepaper] Should I upgrade from HP Exstream Dialogue to OpenText Exstream 16?

Learn what happened to HP Exstream Dialogue after OpenText Corporation has acquired it, and what you can expect from OpenText Exstream version 16.x. Just fill out the form on the right side of the page.


What happened to HP CCM and CX solutions?


In 2016, HP Exstream Dialogue was acquired by OpenText Corporation, Canada’s largest software company, integrating HP Exstream into their own software suite, that is now identified as OpenText Exstream.

In the last few years OpenText purchased a few other of HP’s customer experience solutions, such as:

  • OpenText TeamSite and OpenText LiveSite (formerly HP TeamSite and LiveSite) – web content management applications;
  • OpenText Media Management Digital Hub (formerly HP Digital Marketing Hub) –  software for managing social and mobile communications;
  • OpenText Explore (formerly HP Explore) and OpenText Optimost (formerly HP Optimost) – marketing tool used for multivariate testing and analytics;
  • OpenText Qfinity (formerly HP Qfinity) – customer contact center workforce optimization platform;
  • OpenText TeleForm (formerly HP TeleForm) and OpenText LiquidOffice (formerly HP LiquidOffice/ HP Process Automation) – customer communications management, process automation, and document delivery solutions;
  • OpenText MediaBin (formerly HP MediaBin) a digital asset management solution;


While most of us know OpenText as an enterprise content management (ECM) vendor that has recently also expanded into the customer experience (CX) sector, the company has long recognized that communications technology is an important element of how content should be distributed, made available and interactive.

Mainly through acquisitions, OpenText has built a comprehensive set of capabilities. Key acquisitions include composition provider StreamServe, business intelligence provider Actuate (which acquired former output management company Xenos and interactive document editing provider legodo).

By acquiring HP CCM and CX solutions, on top of the other acquisitions, OpenText has catapulted itself to the forefront of the CCM market. As shown in the figure below, OpenText now has all the necessary elements in place to help enterprises get more value out of their content and communications.


exstream experience products


All you need to know when upgrading from HP Exstream Dialogue to OpenText Exstream


As for now, a lot of HP Exstream customers have already moved to OpenText Exstream, or are in the process of migrating to this version. At the same time, there are a lot of companies, that still haven’t decided which way they need to go in order to meet their current and future business requirements.

This article was created specifically for those HP Exstream customers, which are only in the process of building their future document strategy. There are a lot of details to consider before starting an upgrade project.

In this guide, we tried to cover all the most important aspects. You will learn about:


  • Exstream support lifecycle
  • What can HP Exstream customers expect from OpenText Exstream
  • OpenText Exstream enhancements at a glance
  • OpenText Exstream architecture
  • How the team of Ecodocx already helped companies to upgrade to OpenText Exstream

Please fill out the form on the right side of the page, to download your guide for free.

If you believe that your organization would benefit from using OpenText Exstream for document creation and template management, give us a call. We would be more than happy to listen and advise you on the right solution that would help you and your organization shine!



HP Exstream to OT Exstream (Brochure)

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