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Utility with 300k+ customers efficiently improves business processes

Single point of control over millions of documents and thousands of customer communications

What if we told you that generating customer-facing business documents doesn’t have to be a chore any longer? In this blog post, we’re going to tell you how Ecodocx, a trusted provider of utility solutions, helped a Washington-based power utility company to promote efficiency, secure their compliance to vertical and horizontal requirements, and to improve customer satisfaction.  

What do you do when your current system is outdated, you have thousands of employees in different departments and you keep paper files, multiple share drives, and your 300,000 plus customers have to wait for months to receive correct and updated business documents form your company?

There is a solution for a problem like that and Ecodocx has you covered with Document Presentment and Extended ECM from OpenText.

This power utility company was focused on providing quality service to its customers but with their current system, they weren’t able to succeed. To do so, the company replaced their outdated system with a more flexible and efficient solution based on OpenText Document Presentment. This new platform integrated with SAP and easily handled the company’s needs to create and deliver documents and other communication materials to their customers.

Dealing with a legacy solution while sending out several million invoices and several thousand letters and notifications, isn’t an easy task, but keeping paper files and shared drives throughout the enterprise makes it much more difficult to stay organized and efficient. That is why on top of Document Presentment, Ecodocx recommended and installed Extended ECM from OpenText. With this solution, the company replaced all of their paper files and shared drives with one digital repository that tightly integrated with their SAP. This solution allowed the employees from different departments to easily access and share information.

With OpenText Document Presentment and Extended ECM, this company not only received top of the line solutions but also was able to adhere to strict industry and public record regulations were else they would face steep fines.

By speeding up daily document-related business processes the company was able to reduce labor costs, streamline customer service, reduce customer support call rate and grow higher revenue.

As a result, this Washington-based utility company not only invested in a new technology, but also in their customers, and ultimately in their own company by staying compliant.

Retaining your customers and keeping them happy is a vital piece of any business. If your planning to streamline your document-related business processes, feel free to contact Ecodocx for a free consultation.  

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