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[Video] Integrating OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering and SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)


What is OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering?


In order to work in a professional and effective manner, operations and maintenance teams must make sure to access up-to-date and accurate technical information throughout the life cycle of an industrial asset. Missing or incorrect technical information can lead to far-reaching problems, from expensive project delays and costly reworking to increased production downtimes, as well as considerable risks for the safety of plant.

OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering is an add-on to OpenText Extended ECM Platform. It helps efficiently control risk to engineering project scopes, schedules, and costs while providing immediate access to critical engineering information. OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering manages construction information for large capital projects in asset construction, from design to handover to operations for both EPCs and owner-operators in energy, nuclear power, oil and gas, mining and large infrastructure. This enables owners and engineering firms to achieve a faster return on investment by reducing the time to production and operating the equipment efficiently. To learn more about OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering components, architecture, support, implementation and training services, please visit the product page.



Accelerate Tasks in SAP Plant Maintenance


When it comes to accessing controlled engineering and process documents, companies are often faced with isolated solutions that are difficult for operational and maintenance teams to find. Find out how OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering provides instant access to constantly updated content to speed up operations, reduce shutdown and outage times, and increase sales, directly in SAP Plant Maintenance.

This solution can initially be used by Capital Project teams to efficiently manage technical information and processes to reduce risk while accelerating the design, construction and delivery of large revenue-generating assets. Operators and maintenance teams can then use this integrated solution to easily annotate, review and approve requests when they find that content should be updated to reflect changes in the evolving asset.



Looking for a Piece of Advice on OpenText Products?


We are here for you not only as a service provider, but also as a true partner. We are happy to schedule an online meeting and help businesses minimize the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak. Our experts are happy to evaluate your current OpenText investment, discuss challenges, like functional gaps, automation, performance and capacity planning. 

Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, and our team of developers and support engineers have been working with OpenText solutions and modules for many years. Having worked in this industry for more than two decades and delivered 600+ projects, we worked out a secure and comprehensive way to help organizations implement and customize OpenText products. Contact us and request an OpenText advisory session.



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