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What Is Customer Communications Management?

Throughout the years, one thing that we’ve noticed is that many businesses pride themselves on their quality customer service and providing the customer with the best possible experience. In this vein, one of the top priorities for enterprise companies these days is to deliver an exceptional customer experience to not only meet but exceed their demands. This is where something like customer communication software comes in.

Customer Communications Management, or CCM, plays an important role in the work we do at Ecodocx. Effective engagement and communication with customers is key to maintaining good relations and preserving the reputation and integrity of your enterprise business, and at Ecodocx, we’re proud to provide this kind of software service. Ecodocx Customer Communications Management solutions make it easy for your enterprise business to control document-related work processes, as well as keep in touch with important customer groups via email, phone, the Internet, and so forth. In today’s post, we’re going to take a deeper look at Customer Communications Management.

So What Is This?

Customer Communications Management, or CCM, is a strategy for your business that will both improve existing processes and make new processes more efficient than ever before. With Customer Communications Management, you are able to improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound communications, such as those for marketing, introductions to new products, renewal notifications, claims correspondence and documentation, and bill and payment notifications. That was quite a bit, wasn’t it?

There’s no doubt that CCM is able to conveniently accomplish many things under one single platform. All of these interactions and improvements that CCM provides can happen through a variety of media and output, including day-to-day communication tools like email, Short Message Service (SMS), documents, web pages, and more. Solutions brought about by CCM fully support these objectives by providing companies with an application to improve outbound communications with their distributors, partners, regulatory bodies, and most importantly, customers!

Why Does This Matter?

Ensuring that a customer has an optimal experience is the highest priority of most service and product-based businesses, and that’s exactly what CCM is designed to do. CCM helps to ensure a consistent and personalized customer experience across all communications channels by enabling enterprises to create, manage, and deliver customer communications.

In fact, customer experience as a business practice is one of the most talked about trends in business today, and one of the main reasons why many enterprises are investing a modern end-to-end platform to manage customer communications, such as our software here at Ecodocx. With the power of CCM, making mass changes across an entire enterprise and providing consistent customer experiences is significantly easier to execute and perform. At Ecodocx, we believe that communication between the business and the customer should go both ways, and CCM software greatly helps facilitate this communication. Let’s now take a closer look at some of the benefits of Customer Communications Management software.

Streamline Your Processes and Increase Efficiency

There are many benefits that your enterprise will get with CCM software, but one of the most apparent will be your increase in efficiency and streamlined processes throughout your enterprise. From one easy-to-use platform, you’ll be able to quickly create, approve and deliver responsive and interactive multi-channel communications for print, mobile, email, and the web.

By doing this, your enterprise can centralize many of its functions and thus eliminate the need for antiquated, multi-siloed teams. Additionally, you’ll see a reduction in your reliance on IT, you can leverage your existing data and legacy documents in order to create personalized multi-channel communications, and our software integrates with legacy core systems. The more you learn about CCM, the more you’ll realize that there are countless great benefits to reap.

Visibility Benefits and User Empowerment

In addition to increasing your enterprise efficiency and streamline capacity, you’ll also be able to directly help your users with CCM. By placing approved customer communication templates at their fingertips, you’ll be empowering business users to make content changes.

Through the power of CCM, you’ll also be able to enable audiences like document creators, business users, and compliance personnel to see what a given output will look like in a different format and prompt approval through web or mobile. Your customer service representatives will also see benefits through CCM by being guided through each communication, which will reduce input errors by allowing them to only focus on fields that require their input.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Compliance risk refers to exposure to legal penalties, financial forfeiture and material loss experienced by an organization when it fails to act in accordance with industry laws and regulations, or even internal policies or best practices. Compliance risk is a fairly major concern for many enterprises, so it’s important to have a software tool that reduces overall compliance risk.

Through CCM, your enterprise will be able to give experience compliance personnel the ability to manage, track and approve communications, which are automatically sent through an approval process before being delivered to the end goal – the customer. Compliance risk can also be reduced by content blocks, which have an option to be locked down to ensure that they meet both government and regulatory requirements.

Enhance Engagement Levels

With CCM, your enterprise will also greatly benefit by getting the right messages to the right customers at the right time, and also bring new products to market faster than your competition. As if CCM hasn’t been beneficial enough, your time-to-market and customer engagement will also see benefits through CCM software like:

  • Quick communication delivery through pre-populated data from your core systems
  • Position upsell and cross-sell promotions tailored to the unique needs of your clients by leveraging your own data
  • Appeal to mobile users with interactive and device-friendly statements Mobile push notifications and digital signatures help increase overall customer engagement and contract completion
  • Customers can engage through the channel of their choice

What Are You Waiting For?

With more than 10 years of experience, Ecodocx is a proven provider of enterprise management solutions to enhance communication with customers through our customer communication software. Ecodocx offers personalized customer communication solutions through our software so that we find the exact fit for your needs and goals of your enterprise. If you’re thirsty for more information, learn more about Customer Communications Management or get in touch with Ecodocx now to streamline your enterprise, improve customer relations, and enhance your success!

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