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What is Enterprise Document Management?

Things like backing up your computer, using an external hard drive and switching to cloud storage solutions are all ways to manage and save all of your important files. If you’ve been working hard on a very important document or spreadsheet only to have it somehow delete out of nowhere, you know how frustrating this can be.

At Ecodocx, we also understand how upsetting losing your valuable content and files can be. That’s why our company is dedicated to efficiently storing your files, data, and anything else of value on your computer. In other words, we’re involved in the storage optimization business.

Founded in 2009, Ecodocx is the first consulting and development firm to offer full, interconnected Customer Communications Management software, in addition to Enterprise Content Management and SAP Ecosystem solutions

For those who might be unfamiliar with our industry, we’re going to touch on some things about enterprise document management in this post, including what it is, how it can help out, and what else you should know about enterprise document management. Let’s take a deeper look at storage optimization through our powerful technology.

So, What Is This?

Enterprise document management, or EDM for short, originally referred to electronic documents that were created on a computer or physical paper documents that were scanned into a digital format. Now, the term has broadened to include things like email, faxes, instant messages, PowerPoint presentations, multimedia productions, collaborative software entries, and more.

What EDM Is Concerned With

Overall, enterprise document management serves as a strategy for overseeing an organization’s paper and electronic documents so that they can be easily retrieved in the event of a compliance audit or subpoena. As far as regulatory compliance goes, it is enterprise document management’s responsibility to address and consider these kinds of things:

  • How long documents should or should not be retained
  • Where documents should be appropriately stored
  • How to trace any changes to documents
  • How documents can be recovered in the event of a disaster

Essentially, an enterprise document management software application is used to create a single, high-level view of an entire enterprise’s documents. A single view is needed to then provide the necessary workflow tools to monitor and control various modifications. In this kind of system, it is crucial that documents in all formats, such as that of multimedia, are tagged and indexed properly so they can quickly be found and identified via keyword or full-text search.

Why Does This Matter?

A lot of businesses wonder if they really need something like document management software. We think that it’s smart for an enterprise business to have something like EDM because over half of an average employee’s day is spent working with things like records or documents, so you can see how efficiently managing that information, whether it’s physical or digital, has a large impact on the overall success of an organization. Now, let’s take a look at ease of accessibility.

Information Accessibility

By using document management software, you can make the information in your business more accessible. Information flow is an extremely important part of the modern workforce, and for an organization such as your business to flourish and function efficiently, this requires information to reach the right people at the right time.

Physical or paper-based processes for managing documents create problems when it comes to information flow and accessibility because the information can easily be misplaced or delayed to getting in the right hands. The truth is, physical, tangible information management is simply not efficient or reliable. It’s too subject to human error.

So What Does The ‘Right’ Document Management Solution Look Like?

After your company has been set up with a document management software you begin to notice improvements in information flow and management right off the bat.

Namely, you’ll see that necessary information is immediately accessible from one central location, and with a document management software, you can also enable multiple users to access the same up-to-date document, simultaneously. Plus, having a good EDM also removes the need for any physical storage, which then drastically cuts costs and the time spent manually searching through endless filing cabinets. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

Creating An Information Foundation

In order to accomplish the above, enterprise document management software must first create a central electronic location for all of your organization’s document-related information, so that it can be captured and then stored. Once this central location is established, documents and employee information will be much easier to find and will save a great deal of time by allowing your employees to focus on more important matters instead of hunting down physical pieces of paper.

Is Getting Started Difficult?

Actually, getting started with an enterprise document management system from Ecodocx is actually fairly easy. It is generally recommended to start with a single department that needs the most help first, even though the right document management solutions works best enterprise-wide. This is recommended so that you can build a foundation for your solution to build on. Following that, you can eventually expand to other departments in your enterprise company. As you do this, you’ll actually be able to add in functionality as you see fit for the company, like adding workflow to automate the routing of documents and information directly to the individuals who need it most.

Your Enterprise Does The Work, But We’ll Help

Ultimately, every organization will create their own unique path when it comes to building, maintaining, and optimizing their document management system, but the right solution like an enterprise document management software will help give your company all of the options that it needs to achieve your desired level of success.

Get In Touch With Ecodocx To Modernize Your Enterprise

As physical document management becomes more and more time-consuming and antiquated while technology and specialized software management solutions rapidly evolve, more and more well-established enterprise companies will realize that the future of centralized, enterprise document and information management is through computerized programs.

We encourage you to trust Ecodocx in helping your enterprise make the jump to an easier, more streamlined and more efficient era in storage optimization and document and information management. Get in touch with Ecodocx today to evolve your enterprise company, or learn more about our enterprise document management services!

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