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Why companies decide to go digital

What is Output Management?

Output management solutions enable large or middle-sized companies to manage the entire process of creating, forming, and delivering of documents at high volumes using information from any ERP, CRM or other homegrown customer database, which makes related work processes generally much more efficient than manual methods. An output management system enables companies to send the right information, in the right format and design, to the right recipient at any given time and by the customer chosen communication channel inserting customer based messages.

Companies Choose Digitization

Utility, insurance, banking, manufacturing, telecommunication and other companies and public institutions are implementing e-invoicing as part of digital output management at a fast pace all around the world. In many countries it is already obligatory for invoicing in the public sector. Mexico and other Latin American countries play a leading role in this scenario. However, e-invoicing is also very widespread in Northern Europe and Switzerland and the topic is very high on the agenda in countries such as Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Japan and the USA. Many companies build their digital workflow on experiences from leading countries, where needed information is carried out quickly and efficiently in the interaction of all market participants.

In Germany, a big number of large companies have been successfully working with digital output management for a number of years now, and are now rolling out these services quickly for medium-sized and small suppliers. In addition, the national anchorage of EU Directive 2014/55, which is mandatory until 27 November 2018, puts the e-bill in the public administration at the center of interest.

Business Benefits

Ecodocx’s customers choose digitization because of cost- and time-savings, work process optimization, green initiative, user access control, document generation multilevel approval, personalized documents with unique design, brand integrity, customer satisfaction and loyalty which are of central importance. In addition to the obvious savings in postage and paper, a higher process speed, a lower error rate and the possibility to offer new services around the invoice (e.g. personalized tariff recommendations, payment coupons, notices about ((un)planned outages etc.) are the main arguments for a fast and as far as possible integration of digital solutions.

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This is only the beginning of this topic, in our next post we will dive deeper into the ways that investing in customer communication management can help you save money and why it will be so beneficial for your business, so please make sure to subscribe, or check back in with us so that you can see how the two of these together really do offer your business quite a bit. Make sure to check back soon and reach out to us so that we can get you started with your enterprise content management.

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