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Boost customer engagement with ultra-personalized communications designed for the digital and print channel, screen size and mobile device preferences of the customer



OpenText Exstream is an innovative Customer Communications Management platform. It combines Exstream’s high- productive engine and interactive editing capabilities with StreamServe’s (also known as Communications Center Enterprise CCE) event-driven transactional processing model and out of the box integration flexibility. The result is a powerful communication platform. 

With OpenText Exstream, different departments within your organization can control and customize whole documents, or certain parts of a document without the need to wait for updates from IT staff, which free up IT resources, and cuts production and go-to-market time.

While Exstream Dialogue Design and Production and StreamServe customers will experience a smooth transition to Exstream Design Manager and Designer and StoryTeller, xPression customers will have the ability to migrate their xDesign to Exstream Design Manager and Designer.






Why checklist?

We know that a lot of you don’t like having time-consuming meetings and calls with service providers. We respect that and therefore offer a project cost and time estimate via email. 

How does it work?

You fill out the form below. One of our experts sends you a short checklist with 15 simple questions. You answer all questions and send us the filled out checklist back. Based on your answers we provide you with a custom project cost and time estimate via email.

Who needs this?

Every StreamServe, HP Exstream Dialogue Design and Production, xPression, or another product customer, who considers or plans to involve an external service provider to do an upgrade or migration to OpenText Exstream 16.x and would like to have a high-level understanding of the project budget.

What is the benefit of this method?

You don’t need to waste your time on long meetings, and phone calls and discussions. We do the work for you.



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