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Ecodocx provides custom training classes for OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SolutionsOur team of experts has almost two decades of experience providing on-site (at your company) and remote, live or on-demand, custom training workshops.

Ensuring that your employees (e.g. OpenText application support team, customer service representative, marketing specialists, human resource managers, legal experts) know how to benefit from your Enterprise Content Management and Customer Communications Management solutions is an essential part of any training class provided by Ecodocx.

Unlike standard OpenText workshops, our OpenText ECM training classes are adjusted to your team’s unique knowledge base, business requirements, and product usage behavior. Also, during our custom OpenText training classes, our experts explain how to adjust OpenText products to your business processes, and not the other way around. Both general processes and customer-specific workflows will be discussed. We help you to take advantage of all the capabilities of our products by offering a variety of technology and product training.

At the end of the class, product documentation with user guides will be provided to help your team continue following recommended instructions while maintaining the in-house OpenText solutions.



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