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Oracle EDG

One software for all
business documents, forms & labels

More Time to Focus on the Most Important Tasks

Integrating Electronic Document Generation (EDG) solutions with Oracle enables streamlined document workflows,
signatures in minutes, and smooth document editing.




Based on the solution’s technology, on-demand and batch document creation integrates tightly with your cloud-based or on-premise Oracle business systems, enabling you to get started right away. 

Also, our solutions can be integrated with other business systems. Data and documents are sent to the solution from any system or application, like finance, ERP, CRM or a homegrown system, and the solution does the rest.

  • Automated processes
  • Rules-based input control
  • Runs in the background




Healthcare product unit of global healthcare services and information technology company, dedicated to offer medical supplies, healthcare solutions, distribution services, and clinical resources.


The company’s continuous and rapid expansion of distributed medical products and provided services led to high labor costs, long document preparation and distribution time, and accuracy issues.


The professional document generation solution optimized document production speed, accuracy, logic and the automated multichannel delivery of documents in formats including pdf, HTML, fax, e-mail, and printing.


The customer was able to speed up critical document generation and modification time by about 80%. The solution provided significant savings in software licensing and maintenance. A total return on investments was achieved in less than 12 months.

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