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Case Study: Cleco - OpenText Support Services



Industry: Electric and Gas Utility | Services: OpenText Implementation Services | Solutions: OpenText Document Presentment for SAP, OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP, OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP, OpenText Intelligent Capture for SAP


Providing Reliable OpenText Application Managed Support Services 

cleco opentext support case study

About Cleco

Cleco, established in 1935, is a leading utility provider serving over 288,000 customers across Louisiana with retail electricity and supplying wholesale power in both Louisiana and Mississippi. Employing over 1,350 people within the state, Cleco remains a cornerstone of the region’s energy infrastructure.

Headquarters: Pineville, Louisiana
Website: www.cleco.com




“Ecodocx has been wonderful in researching issues and providing reasonable solutions. We have not had this type of support in a very long time.



Manager – Accounts Payable at Cleco


picture of two monitors showing utility customer letters preview and deisign UI in opentext software; cleco opentext support case study

The Challenge

Cleco was looking for a trusted partner to become the organization’s one point of contact for all OpenText software-related needs. These included but were not limited to:

  • Understand the full potential of existing OpenText software licenses.
  • Addressing ongoing system issues and resolving tickets promptly. 
  • Providing strategic advice on how to optimize and future-proof their OpenText environment 
  • Help with ongoing system enhancements and new development
  • Take care of system patching, updates, and upgrades; Help take advantage of new features and functionality.
  • Provide system health checks and landscape cleanup to get rid of unnecessary and/or legacy solutions and related expenses. 


Cleco sought a partner with unparalleled OpenText expertise to improve system performance, and unlock the full potential of their OpenText software.



“Nothing but good things to say about Ecodocx. They are consistently meeting expectations. Their solutions are user-friendly and are not highly customized unless required. They offer simple solutions that will meet our needs. They are on time and on budget. I just want to make sure that they are recognized for their great work!“



monitor showing how incoming invoices are captured by opentext software automatically behind the scenes to speed up processing times and reduce human error; utility, opentext support

The Solution

Following a thorough evaluation of available OpenText support providers, Cleco selected Ecodocx as their long-term partner. This decision was based on a successful past collaboration and Ecodocx’s proven expertise in OpenText solutions.

Ecodocx became Cleco’s dedicated OpenText team. Key Services Provided:

  • OpenText Advisory: A dedicated team of OpenText specialists guides Cleco to fully utilize existing solutions, explore new features, replacing legacy or home-grown software with out-of-the-box functionality of already purchased OpenText solutions. Sharing industry best practices and leveraging 20+ years of experience to maximize Cleco’s investment. Helping gain maximum ROI from their strategic investments in OpenText solutions.
  • Proactive System Support: Regular system monitoring and preventive maintenance to minimize the risk of system errors or downtime. Ensuring uninterrupted system operation and prompt resolution of any issues
  • Reactive System Support: Prompt resolution of any incidents reported by users or identified during monitoring.
  • Patching, Updates, and Upgrades: Ensuring compatibility and security by applying updates efficiently. Keeping Cleco’s OpenText environment current and optimized.
  • Knowledge transfer: Educating Cleco on the features and functionality of existing software and the latest updates. Sharing information that is relevant to Cleco based on their requirements and system usage. 
  • System Enhancements: Making changes to existing solutions in accordance to current business needs and industry best practices. Provide new development services.


This comprehensive partnership allowed Cleco to address past challenges like internal expertise limitations and slow support ticket resolution times. Ecodocx’s specialized knowledge and dedication helped Cleco stabilize its OpenText environment, improve performance, and unlock the full potential of its investment.


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