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Case Study: OpenText Extended ECM Development and Support Services for Water Utility





case study mdc utility opentext extended ecm development and support

About MDC

As a leading public non-profit municipal corporation in the United States, The Metropolitan District Commission of Connecticut (MDC) provides quality water supply, water pollution control, mapping, and household hazardous waste collection service to the Hartford area. the Hartford area.

The Metropolitan Utilities District strives to provide safe and reliable water services to the community at reasonable rates.


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The Challenge

For almost 100 years, MDC has been serving the population of Hartford. As a public utility, the company is committed to saving its customers money. In an effort to streamline operations and become more mobile, the company launched a digital transformation initiative to digitize everyday paper-based business processes.

The MDC decided to migrate from the Oracle ECM Platform to OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. The customer wanted to automate everyday document-related processes by taking advantage of OpenText’s complete, enterprise-grade ECM solution that uniquely integrates with SAP, offering data and document archiving, imaging, document management, collaboration, and records management. 

The company knew that they were lacking in expertise and needed help from a qualified team of experts, that would not only have strong expertise in this space, but would also understand their industry-specific requirements, and meet their business needs. 



We’ve been collaborating with Ecodocx’s team for the last couple of years on different OpenText projects. It’s been a very pleasant experience working with them, as their staff is highly reliable, knowledgeable, patient, and always ready to provide useful advice and timely support.

I highly recommend Ecodocx for OpenText projects!



Business Systems Analyst at The Metropolitan District Commission




implementing opentext extended ecm for engineering

Provided Services

OpenText Extended ECM Implementation Assistance

Ecodocx and MDC worked hand-in-hand to validate the solution architecture and implement a scalable solution that will grow with MDC’s growing needs. We cooperated on the overall environment setup, servers installation, and solution configurations. 

Seamless integration into SAP

By implementing the OpenText Extended ECM for SAP solution, Metropolitan District Commission can benefit from a digital content platform that seamlessly integrates with SAP, which was critical given the utility’s SAP environment. This deep integration provides structured metadata from SAP that’s applied to the unstructured content related to business processes, giving it context. Now content is managed and shared through Extended ECM and serves inside the SAP interface seamlessly. As a result, users find information easily every day and this way they get their job done in a speedy manner and with minimum human error rate.

Access to Critical Information on the Run With OpenText Content Server Mobile

Ecodocx helped MDC take advantage of the mobile version of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP. The new implementation enabled secure and reliable access to business-related information, structured and unstructured information related to end-to-end business processes, anytime and anywhere and on the go via the mobile OpenText Content Server application.

Implementation of Extended ECM for Engineering Modules

After having several meetings with business analysts and business users, Ecodocx recommended MDC to implement two modules from the Extended ECM for Engineering package – Automatic Document Numbering and Brava. Implementing the Brava module enabled MDC’s engineers and project participants to view, print, comment, markup or revise virtually any engineering files, including CAD drawings), compare differences between versions of the same file, as well as see cross-references between files that are securely tracked in Content Server.

By implementing Automatic Document Numbering (ADN), MDC can take advantage of a sophisticated document numbering system that creates unique names and Attribute values for Content Server objects. MDC users can customly define the configuration of document identifiers to support their organization’s unique needs by using core features of Content Server, including Categories, OpenText Forms, and OpenText Workflow.

Data Migration From Old to OpenText

Ecodocx team migrated data from Oracle ECM to Opentext Content Server (part of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP package) using a custom written Java convertor developed by Ecodocx and OpenText Object Importer.

OpenText Managed Support Services

As part of the overall implementation project, Ecodocx assisted MDC in the ongoing monitoring of OpenText processes by assessing the system for potential failures or weak points, taking a look at missing updates, patches, making recommendations regarding improvements to the services, and providing proactive alerting.

implementing opentext extended ecm for sap

Results and Business Benefits

By collaborating with Ecodocx throughout the whole process, MDC was able to take advantage of all the benefits of OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management for SAP Solutions and Extended ECM for engineering modules, such as Brava and ADN.

The utility was taking advantage of best practices and hands-on experience of Ecodocx’s team that is focusing on implementing OpenText products for more than two decades. MDC and Ecodocx worked as a team and created a robust, scalable, and future-proof solution that will grow and meet the utility’s needs today and in the future.

By implementing OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management for SAP Solutions, MDC was able to speed up and automate the majority of content-related tasks, and thereby tremendously reducing regulatory and compliance risks.

OpenText Extended ECM connects structured data and unstructured content, helping MDC’s business users to work smarter across multiple everyday content-centric processes. This improves not only customer experience but also user experiences, increases productivity, lowers procurement costs, and boosts asset ROI.

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