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Case Study: SDG&E

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Industry: Electric and Gas Utility | Services: OpenText Implementation Services | Solutions: OpenText Document Presentment for SAP, OpenText Document Presentment Live for SAP, OpenText Extended ECM for SAP, OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP


40% reduction in batch processing while adding significant volume & 360-degree view of data in the context of lead business applications

SDG&E sempra opentext implementat

About SDG&E

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), a Sempra company, is a regulated public utility that provides energy service to 3.7 million people through 1.5M electric meters and 900,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and South Orange County. Founded 141 years ago, SDG&E employs more than 4,500 people who work every day to deliver the energy their customers need across 25 communities.

SDG&E is committed to sustainability. The company is reducing their carbon footprint, fostering energy innovation & conservation and encouraging their employees and communities to take action to ensure a sustainable energy future. SDG&E is taking measures to modernize infrastructure and improve the customer experience through innovation and technology, and plans to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2045. Their framework for the energy transition is centered on multi-year decarbonization, diversification, and digitalization efforts.

Headquarters: San Diego, California




It was a successful [OpenText] implementation and I want to thank you for your help. I didn’t have to learn all the project-related details. Ecodocx was taking care of everything. The team of Ecodocx did a great job!“



Information Technology Program Manager at San Diego Gas and Electric


sempra sdg&e opentext implementation

The Challenge

SDG&E’s ambitious digital transformation faced initial roadblocks due to outdated, overly customized legacy systems. These systems proved difficult to maintain, incurred high operational expenses, and were prone to instability, resulting in billing delays and online system outages. Additionally, the presence of disparate data across multiple platforms heightened the risk of failure.

From a business standpoint, SDG&E encountered difficulties in keeping pace with rising customer expectations. This led to inconsistent customer experiences, diminishing user satisfaction, and an antiquated customer portal. Furthermore, the company struggled to handle the exponential growth in data and implement changes within a complex regulatory framework.




The Solution

After conducting a thorough examination of their current technological infrastructure, SDG&E has identified a strategic path forward to address their technological and operational needs by leveraging:

  • SAP solutions: Cloud for Customer (C4C), S/4HANA, SAP Self-Service Accelerator (SSA), SAP Cloud Marketing, and Enterprise HANA
  • OpenText solutions: Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, Document Presentment for SAP Solutions, Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions).

Ecodocx was entrusted with overseeing the comprehensive implementation of the entire OpenText solution suite.

By implementing these SAP and OpenText solutions, SDG&E was able to get rid of legacy and customized systems. The OpenText solutions were SAP certified and integrated into the SAP user interface and landscape seamlessly.

OpenText’s vast functionality transformed SDG&E’s enhancement process. Previously slow and opaque process enhancements are now effortless, transparent, and swift, unlocking agility and accelerating time to value. This empowers SDG&E to seamlessly adapt and innovate in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The introduction of OpenText Document Presentment for SAP has established a standardized and reliable billing process, ensuring timely generation of bills and batch correspondence in adherence to industry standards. Features such as document output sorting & bundling and post-processing logic have optimized mail delivery costs for SDG&E.

Furthermore, the implementation of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP has provided SDG&E with a centralized repository for company-wide data and documents, seamlessly accessible from the SAP interface. This facilitates document archival, tailored advanced search capabilities, access to the latest document versions, and comprehensive audit trails. Synchronized user access controls, content classification, and advanced metadata management configurations on the SAP side enhance security and efficiency.

OpenText Document Presentment Live for SAP has enabled SDG&E to establish partially automated workflows for on-demand customer correspondences, ensuring swift and compliant communications, maintaining brand integrity, standardizing document formats, and minimizing errors. The intuitive interface empowers authorized business users to update document templates independently, reducing reliance on IT resources and accelerating turnaround times.

Lastly, OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions serves as a unified platform for managing marketing and sales-related content, encompassing media onboarding, collaboration, lifecycle management, media delivery, and tracking across connected business systems. This streamlines processes and enhances accessibility to images within Sales, Service, and Self-Service Accelerator environments.

The SAP and OpenText implementation project was called the Envision program. Following its successful launch, SDG&E was honored with the SAP Innovation Award of the year. To this day, the Envision program is considered one of the most successful modernization initiatives in the SAP utility world.

Results and Business Benefits

Migrating from legacy to modern OpenText enterprise solutions allowed our customer to take advantage of many new features, streamline their operations, and save a lot of time and resources. Together, both teams made the project a success. SDG&E can now take advantage of the following achievements:

  • Upgraded solution to the latest and supported version
  • Faster customer response times and consistent customer experience regardless of channel
  • Consistent maintenance of billing accuracy despite processing a high volume of bills at 15-minute intervals.
  • Improved customer and user experience through simplified and guided transactions.
  • 40% reduction in batch processing while adding significant volume
  • Enhanced system stability, reliability and performance.
  • Scalability capabilities improved.
  • Simplified system architecture.
  • Seamless integration with SAP solutions
  • Establishment of a single source of data.
  • Transition from legacy custom builds to standardized processes.



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