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Case Study: Change Healthcare

Upgraded OpenText Exstream to version 16.x | Developed a smart bridge that automatically moves template changes made by customers in the portal directly to Exstream Design and Production



Industry: Healthcare | Customer: Change Healthcare | Solutions: OpenText Document Presentment, OpenText Extended ECM 


Change Healthcare optimizes business processes to deliver smarter print and mail services to healthcare providers by upgrading OpenText Exstream and creating a self-service portal based on top of it



About Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) is a healthcare technology company and a provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, connecting payers, providers, and patients in the U.S. healthcare system

The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with more than 89 additional locations throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Taiwan, and the U.K.

Change Healthcare focuses on providing revenue and payment cycle management solutions and services for healthcare providers for more than three decades. Many of the company’s employees have worked in healthcare institutions and therefore have an insider understanding of how to build and provide solutions and services to meet the needs of customers in this sector. 

One of Change Healthcare’s work directions is managed print and mail service for invoices, statements, bills, letters, and other transaction documents. The main auditorium of the company here are healthcare providers, utilities, telcos.




The Challenge

Change Healthcare used OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2, for providing HIPAA-compliant print and mail services for many years. This version’s product support lifecycle ends on December 2019. Therefore, the company needed to upgrade its solution to the latest supported version (Exstream 16.4).


Change Healthcare also wanted to improve the functionality of their customer self-service portal (CSSP), by connecting it with the new version of their CCM solution through a smart bridge to automate and streamline business processes, like customer onboarding, document template editing. The idea of the portal was to allow customers to edit and update their templates, and automatically move changes made in the portal to OpenText Exstream production.


The complexity of the project was determined by the document template quantity, the origin of the templates (StorryTeller and PageOut) and the amount of professional services and development need to provide the needed functionality and connectivity.




Change Healthcare processes up to 14 billion transactions each year. The company’s health information network reaches approximately 2,200 government and commercial payers, 5,500 hospitals, 118,000 dentists, 60,000 pharmacies, and 600 labs.

Therefore, both companies work hand in hand for many years, and do what ever it takes to optimize business processes, and deliver smarter print and mail services to healthcare providers




The Solution

Ecodocx’s team was chosen as the services provider because of it’s almost two decades of industry experience, a wide portfolio of similar upgrade and development projects provided to recognized industry experts, and strong expertise in delivering professional services to customers in order to customize OpenText solutions to meet their unique needs. 

The team provided a successful end-to-end CCM upgrade to version Exstream 16.4, which included upgrading and testing all environments, existing projects, business logic, and document templates. Ecodocx also provided a list of post-installation tasks.

While the StoryTeller forms are supported by the latest version, the PageOut forms needed to be created from scratch. During this step, the team was able to reduce the document template quantity by adding rules and business logic to the forms. 

Afterward, Ecodocx created a smart bridge between the customer self-service portal and the OpenText Exstream document generation solution. The provided solutions offer the following functionality for customers:

  • Ability to use the portal for end-to-end transaction print and mail management 
  • In case the customer has no own templates, they are able to choose and customize one of the existing templates from the pre-created template library. Each of the templates is connected via a smart bridge with the Exstream application to make it possible to save changes made in the portal to the corresponding project in Exstream;
  • In case the customers have their own branded templates, they can upload, edit and use their custom document templates. These templates are now connected to Change Healthcare’s Exstream 16.4 application. All the changes made in the portal are saved to Exstream’s project automatically.

  • In both options, the customers are able to make changes to their templates and preview the documents in the portal before submitting them for print and mail, without having to contact the Change Healthcare team.

    After delivering all of the above-mentioned services, Ecodocx also provided go-live and post-go-live support.



Results and Business Benefits

Ecodocx helped Change Healthcare to run on latest and supported solutions, get a 360-degree view of all document production processes, stay regulatory compliant and minimize the risk of system shutdowns and related fines. The customer can  take advantage of the following business benefits: 

  • Standardized and optimized the complete document template management lifecycle across the entire organization 
  • Upgraded solution to the latest and supported version; 
  • Created a smart bridge between customer self-service portal and Exstream 16.4
  • Automated the process of print and mail service management 
  • Reduced document template quantity by adding smart rules and business logic
  • Reduced template maintenance time
  • Increased customer satisfaction by reducing reaction times and human error rate.



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