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Case Study: OpenText Support Services for Teknor Apex


Industry: Manufacturing | Customer: Teknor Apex | Solutions: OpenText Exstream


Teknor Apex, a long-term OpenText customer, experienced a lack of in-house expertise. The company teamed up with Ecodocx in order to optimize the maintenance and support of their OpenText applications.



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About Teknor Apex

Teknor Apex is a global customs plastic compounder and the largest producer of garden hoses in North America. The company also operates in Asia (Singapore and China), and Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany).

With six specialty divisions, including vinyl, TPE, nylon, colorants, chemicals, and garden hoses, Teknor Apex offers a wide range of products.

The company differentiates itself from other market competitors by being a custom compounder. This means that they work closely with their customers to develop specific chemistrys that meet their customer’s specific needs.




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The Challenge

Teknor Apex installed the OpenText StreamServe software as part of their Movex ERP (now Infor M3) solution package. 

Over the years, Teknor acquired a number of different companies in the United States and Europe, and this brought a new set of challenges.

With each acquisition, it became more and more complex for the Tektor team to support their StreamServe system. Teknor had a small team that supported the StreamServe system. They knew that they needed to grow this team to successfully meet their daily challenges, and make sure their software solutions were able to support global business while staying compliant with international regulations.

But when they tried to onboard new employees, they experienced trouble finding qualified resources that would fit into their companies budget. 

In order to guarantee a smooth document production process and timely updated document layouts, they started looking for an external OpenText support service provider, that would be able to become part of their team, and support them on a daily on-demand basis.




“Finding and keeping knowledgeable resources to support and maintain OpenText systems, that fit into your departments budget, can be challenging and time-consuming.

Establishing a transparent and long-term partnership with a recognized local service provider who supports the in-house IT team and provides the missing expertise on a predefined basis can sometimes be the best business decision a company can make.”


Tien-Tien Lai,

Enterprise Architect and Partner at Ecodocx





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The Solution

Teknor Apex turned to Ecodocx for help. The company knew that Ecodocx had experience providing scalable and custom M&S plans for OpenText products to various customers in a wide range of industries, including utilities, insurance, manufacturing, and logistics. They also knew, that Ecodocx had the needed knowledge and the right expertise, as by then Ecodocx already supported Teknor Apex in a number of projects and provided both professional services and custom development.

Ecodocx and Teknor Apex quickly found common ground, as both companies are used to work on custom solutions to meet specific business needs.

Both teams set down, analyzed the available in-house expertise and the character of the regular business requirements of Teknor Apex, and created a custom OpenText StreamServe support plan with a suitable amount of service hours per month. When needed, additional support hours are provided on a predefined rate.



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Results and Business Benefits

By outsourcing the missing internal StreamServe (now Exstream) resources and expertise from Ecodocx, Teknor Apex can take advantage of a variety of benefits:

  • Supporting the document production process by a team of industry experts
  • Quickly resolve any problem in the system or provide needed changes to the process or template format due to over a decade of industry experience and almost 24/7 due to office locations in the U.S. and  Europe
  • Time to market (the time needed to deploy new features and updates) was reduced by 50%
  • The system maintenance and administration cost was reduced by 40%
  • Responsive and dedicated support team to help
  • Staying up-to-date on all the updates and new features related to OpenText StreamServe (now Exstream)




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