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Adobe LiveCycle Production Print

Meet the future of information management



Adobe® LiveCycle® Production Print enables organizations to address production-level data center output requirements by dynamically generating personalized documents for output in various formats (for example, AFP, PostScript®, PDF or PCL), using XML data from core applications. LiveCycle Production Print ES2 extends the reach of LiveCycle® Designer ES2 and the LiveCycle ES2 Platform, allowing customers to standardize on a single design environment for all business-critical communications.



  • Adobe LiveCycle Production Print is an Adobe product that is a collaborative effort between Adobe and StreamServe. Adobe sells and fully supports LiveCycle Production Print through enterprise support and support partners.
  • LiveCycle Production Print ES2 provides production printing capabilities for the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 product set. The solution is a StreamServe – Adobe integrated solution where Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 is integrated into the StreamServe environment.
  • Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer ES2 is the Adobe forms design tool, integrated into the StreamServe design environment and used as a StreamServe Process tool. The output is produced in various formats, visually identical to the corresponding output from LiveCycle Output ES2.
  • StreamServe Design Center can use Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 from either a stand-alone installation or from a version bundled with LiveCycle Workbench ES2.
  • You can merge an existing form template with an XML instance document, or you can create a form template (with bindings to non-XML data formats) from scratch in StreamServe Design Center.





  • An integral part of the Adobe LiveCycle family.
  • Powerful document generation engine.
  • Designed for production environments.
  • Targeted towards high volume, high complexity requirements.
  • Leverages Adobe LiveCycle Designer as common design tool.
  • Wide range of input and output formats: AFP, IJPDS, Postscript, PCL, PDF, PDF/a, CSV, XML, HTML, TIFF, RTF, Zebra, Printronix, Intermec and TEC
  • Sophisticated post processing & enveloping capabilities



  • Import an existing LiveCycle.
  • Designer ES2 form template.
  • Create a new LiveCycle Designer ES2 form template.
  • Edit a form template using LiveCycle Designer ES2.
  • Export preview files and schemas for non-XML data formats for use in a stand-alone LiveCycle Designer ES2.