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Archive Optimizer

Reduce Enterprise Content
Management and Archiving storage
costs up to 97%.

One of many challenges facing large enterprise companies today is the rapid growth of digital storage for bills, statements and other business documents. Ecodocx, trusted developer and leading provider of Customer Communications Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions, reseller and integrator of Archive Optimizer software, which helps customers to reduce Enterprise Content Management and Archiving storage costs up to 97%.

Solution description

For large customer base companies

Enterprises in Utilities, Telcos, Banks, Insurances, Public Sector which communicate with a large group of consumers through business documents.

Reducing structured documents

Archive Optimizer optimizes a heavy bill or any structured document by reducing them to a fraction of the original size, without changing the software components and the existing workflow.

Brings value to existing architectures

Working with major CCM, ERP and ECM, Archive Optimizer emphasizes the existing architecture, bringing value without being intrusive.

Add value to existing architecture in a
non-intrusive, non-disruptive way.

Storage Phase In Production

  • The CCM/ERP system generates and sends the bill for storage to the ECM system
  • The bill is intercepted and optimized by AO.
  • AO returns the bill which is sent to the ECM system by the original channel

Restore Phase On-Demand

  • Business user requests the bill
  • ECM retrieves the optimized bill
  • The optimized bill is intercepted
  • AO restores the original bill and sends it to the user by original channel

Enable creativity to engage customers and enforce loyalty. Transpromo (1 to 1 marketing content in bills) is becoming an efficient communication channel and a usual marketing practice. With heavy marketing content, the size of the bill increases and impacts dramatically the storage costs.

As a consequence, marketers cannot use the potential of a transpromo platform.

With Archive Optimizer, marketers can be as creative as they like, because rich content will not affect the storage cost.

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