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StreamSeve Infor M3

What is OpenText StreamServe in Infor/Lawson M3
How to Upgrade StreamServe to OpenText Exstream 16.x


If an Infor application does not work well with the print infrastructure, it can quickly become a tricky exercise for businesses. Delivery notes, invoices or barcodes – if the printer can not handle the raw data from the leading application, the entire operation can quickly stop. Therefore, Lawson (now Infor) teamed up with StreamServe (now OpenText) back in 1998, an industry-leading document generation and output management solution provider, and created a joined solution package.


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What is StreamServe in Infor?

OpenText StreamServe (now Exstream) transforms Infor (M3, LN, Lawson) business engine data into predefined templates, and create any type of document, like invoices, reports, delivery notes, purchase orders and other. The solution supports different formats and distribution channels, like e-mail, mobile, electronic invoice, printer, and fax. Infor even produced a library of approximately 1000 predefined layouts for StreamServe. With the StreamServe design interface, users are able to modify and adapt predefined layouts easily without coding.

streamserve in infor m3

StreamServe Interactive, On-demand or Batch Correspondence

The solution was designed to give you optimal flexibility and scalability, and packaged to simplify the implementation and maintenance of your customer communications management (CCM) and output management.

Regardless of output mode (interactive, on-demand or batch), and quantity, StreamServe (now OpenText Exstream) helps users to manage common challenges such as manual steps required in the document handling process, hard-coded document layouts making it hard to meet the changing requirements of customers and organizations, and the need for separate hardware for different output channels.

StreamServe (now Exstream) automatically collects data from Infor applications, applies your desired design, and distributes the output. The multi-channel distribution supports the processes, and different languages are automatically applied to the documents. Nothing is hard-coded, enabling dynamic sales and marketing messages to be used on the documents. With StreamServe (now Exstream), Infor applications can connect to printers, faxes and archiving systems, as well as produce Excel reports, apply enveloping cross-border electronic invoicing and much more.


Upgrade from StreamServe to OpenText Exstream 

A lot of Infor customers are still using old versions of StreamServe (3.x, 4.x), and some are using the version 5.x, which is going end of life in December 2019. Infor customers can upgrade to Exstream 16.x as any Communications Center Enterprise and StreamServe customers. To learn more about your upgrade to OpenText Exstream 16.x, have a look at our related blog article about upgrading from StreamServe/ CCE to OpenText Exstream, or simply contact our experts.


Ecodocx Expertise at a Glance

Ecodocx is authorized OpenText Services Partner and has a team of certified experts with almost two decades of industry experience. Having worked with many Infor customers for more than two decades, we worked out a secure and comprehensive way to help organizations from different industries to streamline their business, lower document generation, editing and delivery costs, reduce error and security risks. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a professional service, guaranteed accuracy, and the highest level of dedicated support.
We offer a wide variety of services around your existing or newly installed OpenText StreamServe (now Exstream) solution, including implementation, customization, integration with third-party solutions, development, go-live and post-go-live support, training, upgrade, support and maintenance.


For more information about OpenText StreamServe (now Exstream), visit our OpenText StreamServe Services, or OpenText Professional Services pages, or contact us directly.



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