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Ways to Reduce Your Business Costs with CCM and ECM

Businesses require you to invest your money into quite a few areas. If you didn’t think that businesses were expensive, you probably realized all too soon that the costs would be coming from areas that you may not have even considered. One of those areas that you can save some money is going to be through the use of Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Depending on what your establishment does, there are a few things that you’re going to need to consider, but the overall results of improvement with customer communication and the overall procedure are something that you can definitely count on. The next few posts are going to go over a few of the ways that you can save some money by investing in the customer communication management and enterprise content management services that we offer here at Ecodocx, so sit back and get a glimpse of what we can provide you.

Enterprise Content Management

Isn’t it crazy to see just how many documents you wind up with when you’re running a business? What makes it just a little bit crazier is when you realize how nervous you are to lose or toss anything just in case it winds up being important down the road. When you wind up with an influx of documents and no way to organize them, you’ll notice that your stress level also starts to build up, and so do the errors. When we help you with your enterprise content management, we are able to help your business in more than just one way. Below are a few of the ways that our ECM can help your business while also saving you some money.


As we mentioned, it’s incredibly difficult to manage all of these documents, but the time that it becomes even more difficult is when you have to find that document. Most processes now require you to store files and documents in one or more places, and when you have a paper document, finding it can become drastically more difficult. One of the ways that you lower costs is by minimizing the copies that you have to print out so that you have the right documentation in all of the right places. If you consider something like an invoice, then you will see just how many different places that one document can be stored. It could be found by the date that it was received, the date that it was placed, underneath the vendor name or product type, maybe the actual number sequence, or even something else. At that point, how are you supposed to find that document without it taking up time? ECM makes it much easier to make the most of your time and cost by providing you with an easy way to access and save all of your documents.

Aside from that, being able to have all of your documents online makes it so much easier to pull up these documents when you do need them. Regardless of where that file is stored, you will be able to search for a general term and then quickly pull it up when you do need to find it.

Clean it Up

As the owner of a business, it is really hard to feel like every document that you have isn’t going to be incredibly important one day. While you might totally feel like this is the case, sometimes a little bit of reevaluation can provide you with a clear mindset and let you clean house a little. If there are documents that you’re storing currently, but rarely turn to, then it might be worth going through them and deciding whether or not they’re actually going to be valuable pieces of information. This can help you reduce the documents that you’ll need to transfer over, while also helping you minimize the overall amount of documents that you need to manage as they come in and go out. In doing so, you’ll see that you minimize the cost that you are spending to print out these forms, while also minimizing the amount of work that you may not be benefiting from in the first place. It can be difficult to go through this and acknowledge these types of things, but ultimately worth it in the long run.

Go Green

Paper isn’t extremely expensive to purchase, but it is one that can add up over time, especially when you’re using quite a bit of it for documentation. The transfer to documenting files on a computer will make a huge difference and save your business quite a bit of funding. Paperwork and filing supplies in themselves can be extremely expensive and what makes it worse is that they aren’t always reliable.

The ability to build forms that we offer also makes it incredibly easy to manage all of this information and the important information that is imputed into the form, without making it difficult or expensive to manage. This is one of the most beneficial and valuable aspects of Ecodocx that your business can benefit from. They’re easy to lose, entirely destructible and they suck up your money, so switching to an online documentation and overall content management is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

This is only the beginning of this topic, in our next post we will dive deeper into the ways that investing in our customer communication management can help you save money and why it will be so beneficial for your business, so please make sure to subscribe, or check back in with us so that you can see how the two of these together really do offer your business quite a bit. Make sure to check back soon and reach out to us so that we can get you started with your enterprise content management.

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