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What is OpenText OT2?

Leveraging Existing On-prem, Cloud and Hybrid Solutions with OpenText OT2


In addition to OpenText Cloud Editions, which we talked about in our previous blog post, OpenText teamed up with Google, and increasingly expanded their cloud footprint and introduced new SaaS EIM as a Service platform called OpenText OT2.

OT2 is a platform that enables organizations to leverage existing on-premises, cloud or hybrid platform investments by quickly extending solutions to the cloud, improving time to value, such as for customer, supplier and partner collaboration. With OT2 offerings, organizations can leverage information stored in different repositories, foster collaboration, create innovative applications and drive digital transformation. OpenText OT2 is available immediately and is set to develop with quarterly releases.


opentext OT2 cloud saas products and solutions


OT2 accelerates digital transformation by suspending developers from EIM services that can be used to build cloud-native applications. User-friendly APIs and SDKs make it easy for developers to start up quickly. OpenText OT2 provides a clear path for information benefits through improved scaling and efficiency, as well as the ability to create raw data apps and enrich information for more insight and performance.


Available OpenText Solutions in OT2

OT2 platform updates focus on the rapid creation of specially developed SaaS applications such as OpenText Core Capture, OpenText Core Share, OpenText Core Signature, OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions, OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors, OpenText Core Capture for SAP Solutions, OpenText Core for Quality Management, OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange, OpenText Core for Capital Projects, OpenText Core Experience Insights, OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance, and OpenText Core for Trading Grid.

This release extends the granularity of permissions, scope, and federation to enable the development of end-user experiences that remain consistent across multiple applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, OpenText Content Suite Platform, and OpenText Documentum to improve end-to-end collaboration. As of now, the OpenText OT2 offers tight integration with solutions, such as OpenText Extended ECM, OpenText Content Suite, OpenText Documentum, OpenText eDOCS and OpenText Trading Grid.


Associated Cost

OpenText is offering a new pricing model to simplify the consumption of their OT2 platform. OT2 will be offered under the Prime Protect option, a program that offers 24×7 support on OpenText’s software support and includes OpenText Core, a document collaboration tool. Other software as a service applications (SaaS) are accessed on a per user, per month basis independently.  This approach will provide only those users that really need specific functionality, access to OT2, and thereby keep the cost down.

OT2 is tightly integrated into OpenText Release 16. With the extra functionality of OT2, customers will be able to pass data between various solutions they’re already using. 



OpenText OT2 is a new cloud-based SaaS applications layer that allows to easily extend the functionality of existing on-premises, cloud or hybrid-hosted OpenText solutions. OT2 is something to look at when new features are needed by certain departments and the implementation should not take too long. As of now, OT2 already offers integration with some ECM solutions of OpenText. 

If your organization is looking to move OpenText solutions to the cloud, and you are working on a long-term OpenText product strategy, we recommend scheduling an advisory session with one of our senior OpenText experts. We at Ecodocx are an authorized OpenText services partner with a team of senior experts, and almost 20 years of market experience. 

Helping customers, like Washington Gas, Sysco, New York Life Insurance, Chance Healthcare, Continental Resources, McKesson and many more, we provide OpenText advisory sessions to help organizations build their future product strategy. Contact us and schedule a free consultation.


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