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Replacing SAPScript, Smartforms and Adobe Forms with OpenText Document Presentment for SAP

We noticed that a lot of organizations still use a mix of different output technologies, including but not limited to SAPScript, Smartforms, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (‘Adobe forms’) and OpenText Document Presentment for SAP. Maintaining expertise in all of these technologies is resource-intensive for IT departments.

Therefore, when upgrading to SAP S/4HAHNA (e.g. Private Cloud Edition, Public Cloud, Rise with SAP), we recommend organizations to:

  • Define day-to-day document creation needs.
  • Identify areas where user control over the document template content adds value and understand compliance requirements.
  • Analyze current output processing and distribution channels (print, email, fax, archive, SMS, EDI).
  • Opt for a unified technology for output delivery that can handle all the requirements and use cases.


Exploring the Benefits of Transitioning from SAPScript, Smartforms, and Adobe Forms to OpenText Document Presentment for SAP

Having walked numerous SAP ECC organizations through their journey to SAP S/4HANA and C4C, we understand that SAP Script, Smartforms, and Adobe Forms have been trusted allies for many years. And it’s natural for any human wanting to re-purpose what is already familiar. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the output generation requirements in the old and new ERP and to understand that as soon as complexity knocks, OpenText Document Presentment for SAP will have to step up to the plate since it covers all the document generation, processing and distribution capabilities those other technologies offer, but offer so much more on top of that. 


sap document presentment by opentext; empoer; customer correspodnace creation on the fly, ad hoc communication

OpenText Document Presentment Live for SAP Solutions used to create customer correspondence on the fly without leaving the SAP UI.


Why Choose OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions?

OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions is an SAP-certified output generation and distribution software, that has been shaped for more than 20 years to the unique needs and use cases of SAP customers. Over the years, it was made available for on-premises, hybrid and cloud native containerized deployments. It not only replaces output formatting functionality of SAPScript, Smartforms, and Adobe forms but also provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire document management process. 

In this blog post, we explore the journey toward replacing the trio with OpenText Document Presentment for SAP. Migrating from ECC to S/4HANA is a pivotal journey, and OpenText eases the transition by offering a unified solution that covers all use cases. 

Benefits of using OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions:

  • Seamless integration into SAP UI (GUI and Fiori) thanks to SAP-certified OpenText add-ons that are installed on SAP side to provide a seamless, stable and scalable connection. When your users engage in the daily task of generating letters, notices, emails, proposals, quotes, and invoices for customer and business partners OpenText Document Presentment (specifically the Empower Editor and Content Author components) becomes a valuable aid in maintaining precision and compliance. It seamlessly incorporates user input, automatically filling communications with approved content. This solution enables users to concentrate solely on editable areas within their permissions, ensuring accurate messaging and adherence to company and legal standards without any hassle.
  • Performance Improvement: If your organization is generating big batches of documents (e.g. thousands of document per day), it makes sense to consider moving that job out of SAP. Organizations frequently reduce process timelines from weeks to days and days to hours, and improve SAP performance by rolling out Document Presentment for SAP Solutions. Learn how we helped Snohomish County PUD to speed up the bill generation time by 80%.
  • Complex Document Layout Requirements: OpenText shines when dealing with complex document layout requirements that require additing variable data, unusual inpuit logic, dynamic and integrative content in batch and on demand mode. 
  • Complex Processing Requirements: OpenText covers ith easy the most complicated document processing and distribution needs. If your organization requires post-processing, sorting and bundling in order to get the job done and or to get a portal discount, OpenText is the go-to solution.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Personalizing documents at scale? OpenText offers thin-client tools for business users for advanced personalization features, enabling tailored communications with customers, partners, and stakeholders. Latest versions integrate with AI to help drive content creation 
  • Regulatory Compliance Challenges: Navigating a web of regulatory requirements? OpenText’s robust compliance features provide the necessary controls and reporting, ensuring your documents meet industry standards.
  • Multi-Channel Output: Need to deliver content across various channels at the right time and according to the right conditions in order to get the best postage del or to meet industry regulations? OpenText facilitates seamless multi-channel output, ensuring consistency and coherence in your communication strategy.
  • Archiving and Records Retention Management: In addition to Document Presentment for SAP, OpenText also offer a variety of other SAP-certified software solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other like “LEGO bricks”, and allow to management, share, store and archive generated documents. It also offers solutions for applying retention and disposition rules automatically based on document type. 

Striking the Right Balance

Having walked numerous organizations through their SAP S/4HANA journey, the key lies in understanding unique needs. SAP script, Smartforms and Adobe Forms might be the trusted allies, but OpenText Document Presentment for SAP steps up to the plate when complexity knocks. Do you need help finding out if OpenText Document Presentment is the answer to all of your document generation needs? Talk to us at Ecodocx to find out more.

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